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The 24-hour "Wear-Ever" Scapular!

(Front)                                                                   (Back)

This is a terrific find - FINALLY - a scapular that can be worn 24 hours a day! No need to ever take it off! This unique brown scapular features full color images on wood on the front, with laminate on the back. This way the scapular stays clean and dry despite wear, showering, swimming, sweat, etc. Beautiful full color laminated images on the front, and cloth patch laminated on the back so it always stays clean and dry. The strong fabric string is sturdy, yet thin and hardly noticeable. For the brown scapular devotee - this is the one you've been waiting for! No more lost and misplaced scapulars - Our Lady's Protection is with you always! (shape may be oval or round) - Just $3.95

Also in Heart Shape

And Round version

New! 5-Way Scapular

(5-Way Scapular ) (in bag w/ leaflet )

Five-fold Scapular Description: The Five-fold scapular is a Redemptorist scapular. The original was a Four-fold scapular, which became five with the addition of the Passion scapular after St. Alphonsus's time. These are the five most popular scapulars approved of in the Church, combined into a single scapular for practical wearing purposes. They are each approved separately, and are all approved when worn all together (the Five-fold). Included are the following scapulars, attached by the red cord of the Passion (and listed in order from the top layer): Red scapular of the Passion: This scapular has its origin in one of several appearances of Our Lord in 1846 to Sister Appoline Andriveau. In these appearances, He showed her the red scapular of the Passion, and promised that a great increase of faith, hope and charity would be reserved every Friday for those who wore the scapular. This vision was several times repeated; and the extraordinary thing about it is the rapidity with which it was approved in Rome. Blue scapular of the Immaculate Conception: This scapular has its origin in the 1605 appearance of Our Lord to Sr. Ursula Benincasa, foundress of the Theatines. He made great promises if she and her fellow nuns would adopt as their religious habit one of a light blue color in honor of the Immaculate Conception of His Mother. Sister Ursula then asked Him if He would grant similar favors to those of the laity or of other religious orders who would wear, in honor of the Immaculate Conception, a small Blue scapular; and Our Lord did so promise. Enrollment in the confraternity of the Marians of the Immaculate Conception, and specific daily practices, are required in order to obtain the indulgences. The Brown scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel: This popular scapular has its origins in 1247, when Our Lady revealed it to St. Simon Stock, the Prior General of the Carmelite order. Requirements include wearing the scapular after enrollment, observing chastity according to one's state in life, and reciting the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary, or reciting five decades of the Rosary daily. The Black scapular of the Mother of Sorrows: This scapular has its origins in the 1240 appearance of the Blessed Virgin to seven prominent citizens of Florence. They bound themselves by vows to honor the Mother of God in her sorrows. She handed them the Black habit of the Servites and said, "...these garments shall be to you a perpetual memory of the sufferings of my heart." The White scapular of the Trinity: This scapular has its origin in 1190, when St. John of Matha, a Spaniard, was saying holy Mass. He saw over the altar the figure of an angel wearing a white robe, with a blue and red cross on the breast and the shoulder. This became the habit of the order of The Holy Trinity. The attached St. Benedict's medal is blessed with the powerful exorcism prayers and is complimentary. In 1198, Pope Innocent III approved the Trinitarian order. *433 Plenary Indulgences attached to this Scapular .

Handstitched - real wool - simply the most complete Scapular you'll ever find!


New! Crusader's Brown Scapular

Also called "THE ATHLETE SCAPULAR" - comes with a free blessed medal of St. Benedict and crucifix, made of 100% wool - bagged with an illustrated leaflet explaining the brown scapular devotion. $6.50

Back by Popular demand! Emroidered Brown Scapular from Mexico

Small and comfortable to wear - you'll hardly know it's there! Features the traditional brown scapular logos embroidered in gold thread. Hand-made and imported from Mexico. Just .89 each.

World's Smallest Scapular !

Pictured here (on the right) next to a normal sized scapular. This is the world's tiniest real scapular with full gold thread embroidered crest of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel . Measures 1/2" x 1/2" -- The brown scapular is a tiny wool panel. Sturdy string makes it thin and almost unnoticeable! Great for those who hate to wear scapulars and also for kids. Just .99 each!

Small Embroidered Cord Scapular

7/8" hand-sticthed scapular features wool panels and full color images with protective coating. Cord measures 28". $1.99

Deluxe St. Joseph Brown Scapular Set

The Traditional Brown Scapular of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel with special representation of St. Joseph. Hand stitched wool with free silver cross and blessed St. Benedict's medalion (with special exorcism blessing against evil)attached, w/ flyer in bag set- $7.95

Also Available

Guadalupe Brown Scapular

Guadalupe image on the traditional Brown Scapular with St. Benedict Medal and Crucifix. - Felt/Cloth/Metal -- 1 3/4 x 2" H, 24 1/2" Long - also just $3.95

St. Joseph Brown Scapular

St. Joseph with Child image on the traditional Brown Scapular with St. Benedict Medal and Crucifix. - Felt/Cloth/Metal -- 1 3/4 x 2" H, 24 1/2" Long - also just $3.95

OL Mt. Carmel/St. Simon Stock Scapular w/Medals

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel/St. Simon Stock Scapular with Medals. Each scapular includes a St. Benedict Medaland Crucifix, -- Felt/Cloth/Metal -- 1 3/4 x 2" H, 24 1/2" Long - a very special introductory price - just $3.95 (A note about wearing scapulars - if you have already been enrolled in the Society of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel (the Scapular Guild) and had originally been wearing a blessed scapular, there is no need to have subsequent scapulars blessed - the original blessing 'carries over' to each new brown scapular you wear in your lifetime)


St Jude Scapular with Medals

- $2.95

NEW! St. Benedict Scapular

Description: This Scapular is a reminder of the powerful intercession of Saint Benedict. -- Felt -- 1" H $1.29

Hand made wool brown Scapulars of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel are sewn and stitched to last! Beautiful and long lasting!

Comes with a leaflet explaining the Brown Scapular. Just $2.99

Beautiful full color fabric image Brown Scapular (with Sacred Heart on one and Our Lady of Mt. Carmel on the other). Hand-stitched and very sturdy. Just $2.99

All-in-One Leather Brown Scapular!

A full Scapular on the sturdiest cord made - Scapular itself is made of leather front stitched to wool back, so it is long-wearing and can last forever! Our Lady promised St. Simon Stock that whoever wears the brown scapular would no suffer eternal fire. - Comes with the bronze St. Benedict's Medalion and a Miraculous Medal - both of which Catholics should always wear. Our Lady told St. Catherine LaBoure of those who wear the Miraculous Medal ""Have a medal struck upon this model. Those who wear it will receive great graces, especially if they wear it around the neck." Regarding the powerful St. Benedict's Medal, it wards off dangers of the soul and body (the back of the image has a powerful prayer of exorcism), obtains conversions and heals bodily ills, it also can protect in time of storms and is especially protective of the wearer at time of death. (NOTE:Our current version of the St. Benedict's medal is different than the one shown in the above picture- it is a silver tone oval St. Benedict's medal)

A wonderful 'all-in-one' of three of the most powerful sacramentals available today! (Please note that this item and all of the items on this website are not 'sacramentals' until they have been blessed by a Catholic priest! Please have your priest bless them upon purchase before wearing! ) Just $8.95

Scapular Book

Description: 16 pages -- Paperback -- 3 3/16 x 5" High - just .99

Powerful Cord of St. Joseph

The cord of St. Joseph: a white cord braided of 100% cotton. One end with a knot and seven knots at the other end, which hang down after the cord is tied about the waiste. The seven knots are in honor of the Seven Sorrows and Seven Joys of St. Joseph. Comes with a flyer explaining the devotion with additional prayers and indulgenced devotions to St. Joseph. Many indulgences are associated with the cord of St. Joseph. donation of $7.95


Sacred Heart Scapular

Description: Honors the Two Hearts. Originating with St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, this scapular honors the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. -- Embroidered Cloth/Felt -- 3/4" SQ - $1.99

Our Lady of Mercy Scapular

Description: Given in 13th century Spain for redemption of captive Christians, this scapular is a modern sign of Mary's help in ransoming souls. Features the Shield of Aragon on one side and the emblem of our Blessed Mother on the other. -- Embroidered Cloth/Felt -- 1" High - $1.99

White Holy Trinity Scapular

Description: Symbol of the Trinitarian Order, founded in 1198 to liberate captives and glorify the Holy Trinity. -- Embroidered Cloth/Felt -- 1" High $1.99

Crusader's Scapular

Also called "THE ATHLETE SCAPULAR" - Description: Features the Crusader cross, popular especially among the young. -- Embroidered Cloth/Felt -- 1" H


The Red Passion of Christ Scapular

Description: Jesus showed this scapular of His Passion to a French nun in the nineteenth century, promising a great increase in the virtues of faith, hope, and love to those who wear this on Fridays. -- Felt -- 1" High - SPECIAL PRICE - just .69 each

Ave Maria Brown Wool Scapular

Description: Bears the letters A and M for Ave Maria - Hail Mary - surrounded by a crown of twelve stars. Currently only available in brown (left image).Special price! Just .69 each

Blue Immaculate Conception Scapular

Gain 433 plenary Indulgences each day by saying 6 Our Fathers, 6 Hail Mary's and 6 Glory Be's in honor of the Holy Trinity and Mary Immaculate .- Special price, just .69 each

Children's Brown Wool Scapular

Available with white or black string - comes with a free blessed St. Benedict's medal and silver crucifix. Comes in a bag with a flyer of helpful information for parents regarding teaching your children the Catholic Faith, an illustrated flyer explaining the devotion of the Brown Scapular, and an explanation leaflet about the medal of St. Benedict. A lasting treasure! Just $6.95

NEW! St. Michael Scapular!

Felt/Embroidery -- 1 3/4" High - Embroidered image of St. Michael the Archangel - patron saint of Police officers, against temptation and for a holy death (among many others!).

Leader of the army of God during the Lucifer uprising. Devotion is common to Muslims, Christians and Jews with writings about him in all three cultures. Considered the guardian angel of Israel. The feast of the Apparition of Saint Michael commemorates the 6th century appearance of the archangel on Mount Gargano near Manfredonia in southern Italy. Michael requested a church built in his honor at the site.


Plastic panel brown scapular

2" scapular on 26" sturdy cord. Full color images in protective case. $2.29



This beautiful very large scapular is suitable for hanging on a doorknob, your front outside door or storm door, etc. has a silk screened picture of the Sacred Heart on one side and the Immaculate Heart on the other side. Brown cord. Approximately 4x6 in size.(Can be worn). Very unusual! Just $9.95

Tiny Brown Scapular with full color images

Small and comfortable to wear - molded with full color images of Jesus and Mary - scapular size measures 1/2" Just .99

New - St. Padre Pio Brown Scapular Set

The Traditional Brown Scapular of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel with special representation of St. Padre Pio, the great mystic and saintly priest. Hand stitched wool with free silver cross and blessed St. Benedict's medalion (with special exorcism blessing against evil)attached, with flyer in bag set.- $7.95

Special St. Christopher travelling scapular

Beautiful hand stitched full color wool brown scapular on a cord for hanging from your rearview mirror. Free extras include the attached silver cross and blessed St. Benedict's medalion (with special exorcism blessing against evil). $7.95

Plasticized Scapulars and Sacramentals

Long-lasting, Plasticized brown scapulars, green scapulars, and Sacred Heart badges.

Brown Scapulars (with brown or white string) - now just $.99

Sacred Heart Badges - $1.50

Sacred Heart Badge and Medalion Set

Lovely sacred heart badge along with Scapular Medalion in a protective case - perfect for carrying in wallet, pocket or purse. Just 1.50 each

Green scapular - for conversion

Plsatic on string, Green Scapulars .99

Also Available - Pocket wool Green Scapular

Same blessings associated with the green scapular may be attained by simply carrying it in your pocket or purse. This version is hand stitched wool, comes with complimentary blessed medal of St. Benedict with powerful blessing of exorcism. Comes bagged with a flyer explaining this scapular. $5.50

The Cord of St. Philomena

About the Cord of St. Philomena.... This cord has obtained countless favors through the intercession of St. Philomena by her devotees. The faithful wear the cord of St. Philomena in her honor, to be protected in times of need, and to obtain healing of body and spirit. The Cord is made of red and white yarn crocheted together in a chain stitch. At one end there are two knots in honor of her Virginity and Martyrdom. It is worn under the clothes, traditionally like a belt, or may be worn around the neck. You may also place one over your doorways for protection. This cord comes with an explanation leaflet and a color card leaflet about the life of this wonderful saint. It has been blessed and touched to a relic of St. Philomena. It is available for a donation of $5.99.


How about a gift box for that special small item?


Perfect for any small item - glossy burgandy on glossy white- measures about 3" x 2"

Just .99 each




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