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Specialty and Unusual Rosaries, Rosary Products & Chaplets

New! Ladder Rosaries from Italy

Description: According to popular belief, in Old Mexico, the Ladder Rosary has an interesting history. Some trace the first Ladder Rosary to the vision of St. Dominic in which he saw souls climbing to heaven on the Rosary. Others point to the vision of St. Francis de Sales who saw two ladders to heaven: a rather steep one leading directly to Jesus and another far less steep leading toward Mary. Jesus told St. Francis, "Tell your sons to come by the other ladder", meaning the easiest way to Jesus is through His Mother Mary. In either case, the Ladder Rosary is a beautiful reminder of Jesus' love for us in giving us His Mother as our own. 2 Piece Box. Specify Emerald, Crystal, Ruby or Sapphire when ordering. Made in Italy. -- Crystal 7mm Bead -- 21 1/2" L, 1 3/4" Crucifix in gift box -


New Devotion - Chaplet Rosary of Our Lady's Tears

This is an amazing devotion - read more about it here. This beautiful devotion is little known - so that is why we are spreading it. The prayers that go along with the chaplet rosary are very powerful. Beautiful 8mm round blue multi facet agate rosary accented with Our Lady Centerpiece and 2 " silver tone decorative crucifix - comes with pamplet which fully explains the devotion, history and instructions on how to pray the very powerful "Chaplet Rosary of Our Lady's Tears". (This devotion is distinct and different from the "Our Lady's Sorrows Chaplet)

Traditional 15 Mystery Centerpiece Rosary

Unusual rosary features white faceted glass beads and is 18.5 in. The leaved centerpiece displays the 15 Mysteries of the Rosary and the days on which to pray them. Very unusual and distinct -- special low introductory price, just $12.95

Incredible "Job's Tears" Rosary

(bead close up)

These Rosaries are amazing and unique! After soaking, each bead is painstakingly made by hand "husking" the core of a seed to make it into a natural bead. This was the favorite rosary of Mother Teresa and she is often pictured carrying her Job's Tears Rosary. Features Silver-Plated 'Stations of the Cross' Crucifix w/ relic earth - 2".

Stations cross

Lovely 2 3/4" crucifix to wear or put on your favorite Rosary. Has full Stations of the Cross in amazing detail on the back. Relic earth at base of Christ on the front.

Regular Low price - $29.95 - ONLINE SPECIAL! Just $20.95

Job's Tears Rosary - Job's Tears (also known as "Mary's Tears") are seeds grown in many countries. They have a natural hole through them which makes them perfect for rosary making. The seed colors range from cream, pale green, dark green, and sometimes brown.

New! Virtues or Vices Chaplet TM!

The Vices or Virtues Chaplet will enhance your own personal spirituality by deciding each day: What do I need to work on the most? Practicing a particular virtue? Or overcoming a personal vice? The Vices or Virtue Chaplet is the hands-on tool to help you enhance your own spiritual life by daily deciding if you want to practice a virtue or overcome a vice. Keep the chaplet in your pocket or purse. Each time you practice incorporating a virtue (for ex., charity), you pull a bead. You can also pull a bead whenever you personally overcome a vice (for ex., gossiping). Make it your goal to pull all ten beads in one day. At the end of the day, you'll know if you met your spiritual goals. When all ten beads of the chaplet are pulled, you are ready to begin again the next day. (History: The history of this chaplet takes its roots in the old "Sacrifice Beads" made popular by St. Therese, the Little Flower. These beautiful beads have been updated for adults into the Vices or Virtues chaplet, since we all could use a spiritual tool like this to reach personal sanctity on a daily level.) BONUS: this ten bead chaplet doubles as a single decade rosary which will allow you to stop in the middle of a decade and resume at a later time (The "Never Lose Your Place Rosary!") Also, it's a handy keyring!

DESCRIPTION:Chaplets are designed using hand made glass beads from India in a deep burgundy with a translucent luster finish and strung on black lacing. Each piece is finished with a 1-1/2" silver tone crucifix and a large keyring ring. Entire piece measures 8".Comes in a bag with explanation of the chaplet and how to use it. Color is suitable for man or woman. $12.95


Seven Dolors Chaplet Rosary

Features 16" silver tone chain with real round wood beads. Each chaplet medalion is full color image of the Seven Sorrows of Mary. Comes in a clear gift box. Just $11.95 each!

Read about this powerful devotion here:

New! St. Benedict's Rosary!

Each bead of this beautiful Italian all-metal rosary is a St Benedict medal! Cast in metal and silver finish. Devotion to St Benedict is commonly practiced to keep evil at bay, and to help with temperance / moderation. Along with the Miraculous Medal and the scapular, the St Benedict medal is one of the most powerful sacramentals of the Church. Here it is, united with the power of the rosary! Stunning rosary - with beautiful velvet pouch. $19.95

New! Lourdes Crystal Water Centerpiece rosaries

All feature Water capsule on backside of centerpiece medalion.

Available in Amethyst, Clear crystal, Black Aurora Borealis or Saphire blue - in clear case - just $15.95 each

Miraculous Medal Rosary

Full rosary Miraculous Medal Rosary - each bead is a mini miraculous medal! Comes with a beautiful miraculous centerpiece and an ornate crucifix. Silver oxidized. (Click on picture to enlarge, box not inc.) - comes with a FREE velvet pouch and Miraculous medal flyer! - $18.95

NEW! Divine Mercy Rosary

Divine Mercy Rosary

NEW! Divine Mercy Rosary. Each detailed bead is a mini Divine Mercy image with the words "JESUS I TRUST IN YOU" on the back of each bead! Silver oxidized. Can be used to pray both the Divine Mercy chaplet and the rosary. (click on picture to enlarge) Special Introductory low price- just $18.95 FREE BONUS! Beautiful burgandy plush velvet rosary pouch, free with this purchase!

Also Available!

Rosary Bracelet also in Miraculous Medal!

MM Bracelet

Each bead of this rosary bracelet is a mini Miraculous Medal! Entirely made from metal, these silver oxidized rosary bracelets come with a clasp and are accented with a nice bordered Miraculous Medal. (Click on picture to enlarge) FREE BONUS! Beautiful burgandy plush velvet rosary bracelet pouch, free with this purchase! Just $9.95

Divine Mercy Bracelet

DM Bracelet

New! Like the rosary, each bead of this single decade rosary bracelet is a Divine Mercy image with "Jesus I Trust In You" inscribed on back. (Click to enlarge) - FREE BONUS! Beautiful burgandy plush velvet rosary bracelet pouch, free with this purchase! Just $9.95

Mysteries Rosary Gift Packs! SPECIAL LOW PRICE!

Description: Now Includes All 20 Mysteries! An JMJ exclusive--the best value for a Mystery Rosary anywhere in the marketplace! This 23" long 6mm glass bead rosary features the Mysteries of the Rosary (including Luminous, Glorious, Joyful, and Sorrowful) on silver-plated bars, a 2" silver tone crucifix, and a special Madonna centerpiece. A 6-page Mysteries of the Rosary booklet and detachable holy card printed with the mysteries on the back are also included in the handy, resealable snap package. The rosary is available in Black or Crystal Aurora Borealis beads. -- OUR LOW PRICE - just $15.95!



New! Amazing Image Rosaries!

Beautiful decorative beaded full wooden rosary contains a very special Crucifix. It has a small lense on it and when you look into the lense you are able to see a full color image of Our Lady of Guadalupe (left) or St. Jude (right)! Each rosary comes in a decorative plastic container for safe-keeping. A most unusual item - special introductory price, just $10.95 each.


St. Jude

Newest Additions! KANT TANGLE Rosaries!

Introducing the Kant - Tangle© Rosary Click here to view other Kant - Tangle© rosaries with the Mysteries of Light picture medals used both as the centerpiece and as the Our Father Beads, plus a pewter crucifix. Click here to view other Kant - Tangle© rosaries with the Mother & Child centerpiece and pewter crucifix. The Kant-Tangle© rosary design features 5 decades of 10 beads each, separated by 4 Our Father beads, a Mother & Child centerpiece and a stem of 5 beads, all in one continuous strand. Each end of the strand is connected to the top and bottom of a crucifix making this rosary the perfect choice for easy storage and use.

Kant Tangle Mission Rosary - 13-3/4” Kant-Tangle© wood bead Mission rosary with Mother & Child centerpiece and a pewter crucifix. Retails for $15.95, our special low introductory price - Just $12.95!

Kant Tangle Blue Crystal Rosary

15” 6 mm Aurora Borealis blue crystal “Kant-Tangle©” rosary with Mother & Child centerpiece and pewter crucifix. Just $16.95

Kant Tangle Brown Wood Bead Rosary

13” 6 mm round brown wood bead “Kant-Tangle©” rosary with Mother & Child centerpiece and pewter crucifix. (medals are silver like the ones in the blue rosary above, not colored). Just $12.95

NEW! Mysteries of Light Rosary

This year has been proclaimed by the Holy Father Pope John Paul II, the Year of the Rosary. Simple yet profound, this prayer is one of great significance, leading us to "contemplate with Mary, the face of Christ". To the richness of this contemplative tradition is now added the Mysteries of Light or Luminous Mysteries, reflecting on the significant moments of Christ's public ministry. In praying these new Mysteries, the Apostolic Letter suggests we announce each mystery, "perhaps even using a suitable icon to portray focus our attention", directing the mind to a particular moment in the life of Christ. To this end, the Mysteries of Light Rosary was created. Features 8mm crystal aurora borealis beads , silver tone chain link and decorative 2" silver tone crucifix. Each "Our Father" bead is a full color enamel medalion which features and image of one of the Luminous Mysteries. Rosary includes a booklet "How to Pray the Mysteries of Light Rosary". Comes in deluxe carrying case. Special introductory price, just $12.95

Unique Door Handle Rosary

Beautiful and unique! Authentic single decade rosary made with large resin beads and 2" cross. Measures a full 12" in length. Just $9.95

Stations of the Cross Chaplet Gift Set

Stations of The Cross Rosary/ Chaplet Made in Italy featuring, Cromo NB Original Designs. A Beautfiul Large 24" Chaplet with real wood beads. 3 Bead colors available: dark wood, black wood and olive wood (Pictured left to right). Come in a gift box along with a full color Stations of the Cross fold out booklet. Features a large 2" Holy Trinity silver tone Crucifix, silver tone chain link and full color Stations of the Cross Medalions. Special introductory price, just $23.95

Credit Card Rosary Card

This item is the exact size and width of a credit card. On one side is a lovely picture of Our Lady of the Rosary, on the other is an actual Rosary with raised beads. You can say the Rosary while feeling the beads on the Rosary card! Perfect for wallet or purse to carry a Rosary with you always! Comes in light plastic wrap case. Just $1.50!

Complete Mysteries of the Rosary holy card - INCLUDES LUMINOUS MYSTERIES!

Beautiful full color holy card includes all 20 Mysteries of the Rosary: Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious AND Luminous. Available in paper for just .20 each or laminated for .65 each.

(paper) .20

(laminated) .65


ALSO AVAILABLE in Tri fold flyer

Tri page flyer "The Luminous Mysteries of the Holy Rosary" by Fr. Charles Mangan. Illustrated - Features beautifully written meditations for each new Mystery, plus "How to Pray the Rosary" illustration and explanation. Just .25 each



Family Wall Rosary

This large wall Rosary is made of large real brown or black wood beads and real inlaid wood crucifix. Crucifix measures 2" in length, each bead measures a full 1/2". It's also called a "Family Rosary" because you can take it off the wall and pass it around to take turns leading a decade. Centerpiece is beautiful heavy medal of Our Lady and the Sacred Heart. This one is affordable for all families! Regular Low Price Just $15.95 - Our Low price- JUST $12.95! Available in Large Brown or Black Wood Beads







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