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This is the only website on the net designed for Roman Catholic Mothers! It's tough raising children in our world today. The challenge of bringing our kids up in the wonderfully rich traditions of the Roman Catholic Faith are numerous. It is my hope that this site will serve as a resource center for us, and will be updated with the latest information and news relevant to being a Catholic mother today. Check out the email discussion forum if you'd like to meet other Catholic moms via the net!

The Catholic Mothers Email Discussion List was established in 1995. There are currently over 300 moms from around the world on the list. The list is a forum for traditional, orthodox Catholic moms to share and discuss a variety of issues related to mothering and teaching our children the rich wonders of the Roman Catholic faith. This forum is moderated by me, (Maria, The Catholic Mother's Internet Connection Website webmaster).
The purpose of the email discussion list is to provide a forum for discussion and friendships with other like-minded Roman Catholic moms. Hopefully, together, we can encourage one another, discuss ways to better practice our Faith and teach it to our children, grow spiritually and intellectually, and strengthen the bonds of fellowship within our Church.


Topics: Any topic related to being a mother, issues related to the Roman Catholic Faith, teaching the faith to our children, helpful advice, praise, fellowship & friendship is welcome. Please note, for the purposes of this list, only Catholics who are part of the communion of Christians in full union with the Pope of Rome are welcome in this forum. It is NOT an area to have debates about anything contrary to the Roman Catholic Church and the Magisterium. Any events or discussions promoting dissent from the normative teachings of the Church are not appropriate for this list. This includes those on both ends of the Catholic spectrum. In other words, here are some examples of topics which will not be addressed on this list:

1) Supporting anything which the Church prohibits - i.e. women priests, abortion, using artificial birth control, active homosexual or alternative lifestyles, etc.

2) Claiming to have some authority above the Pope - i.e. claiming that the New Mass is not valid, claiming that Vatican II Council was not authentic, claiming that the current Catechism of the Catholic Church is not valid, etc...

This does not mean that we can not openly discuss issues to clarify misunderstandings, but the list will not be used by those individuals on either side of the Catholic spectrum who wish to promote their own agenda contrary to Rome and the Teaching Magisterium. Please note that this does not just mean doctrinal or dogmatic issues - the spirit of this list is traditional and devoted to Rome in all areas of family living and spirituality. For example, If you personally don't feel that you agree with the Church's stand against Artificial Contraception, there are two ways to address the issue on the list. One is acceptable, the other is not.

a) You may NOT use the list to make a posting saying that you simply disagree with this teaching of the Church and will continue to use Birth Control because it's a matter of conscience.

b) You MAY use the list to clarify your own lack of knowledge as to why the Church teaches this: a question like, "I don't understand the Church's stand against birth control. Can someone enlighten me?" would be acceptable.

Lastly, only posts which are Christian in their demeanor will be placed here, whether to the entire list or to one mother. Those who post inflammatory, disrespectful, 'flaming', or rude posts may be removed from the list.

To join the list, it is necessary to subscribe. This is a free process and is done by submitting your email address at the following link: Cathmoms Email Sign Up It only takes a few hours, and you will begin receiving "Cathmoms" mail. You should be advised that due to the size of this list and the variety of conversations going on, the mailing list often will generate 25 - 80 letters a day to your personal mailbox. Once you join, you will receive an information file which you must KEEP - it will give you directions for unsubscribing, holding mail, and other options. Once you join, these are duties you must take care of yourself, per the information file directions. Of course, you are not obligated to read all of the mail that goes through and may choose to only follow those threads or topics of conversation which interest you. In fact, I highly encourage you NOT to read every bit of mail, as it would take an inordinate amount of time and would likely draw you away from your duties as a mother. You will find there are many threads of conversation which do not interest you, and you'll need to develop the ability to skim through the letters to just follow those threads of interest. If a high volume of mail is not a problem, feel free to subscribe right away!

Click here to join today!

YES,  WE DISCRIMINATE! ONLY CATHOLIC MOTHERS may join! Sorry! We will remove anyone who is not a Catholic mother.   Thanks for your understanding - but this forum is reserved strictly for moms who share the Roman Catholic faith and wish to develop friendships and support.


Here are some practices and devotions Catholic moms should consider establishing within their homes:

1) First Friday/First Saturday Devotions: This is as old as Fatima, but few younger Post Vatican II mothers practice this wonderful devotion. Our Lady requested we attend Mass and Confession on the First Friday & First Saturday of each month.

3) 2) Eucharistic Adoration: If you have this option available in your church, consider making a holy hour at least once a week. If your church does not offer some times for Eucharistic Adoration, approach your pastor and ask - that's what we did. We started with just 3 hours a week, and have continued to grow. Contact me for more information about this. Check out this link to learn more about Our Lord's True Presence in the Eucharist:True Presence Website

3) Mass: Try to go to a mass occasionally through the week instead of only on Sundays. Many parishes offer a very early morning mass (6:00 - 6:30 am.) Consider going to a few of these daily masses a week. Starting the day off with Jesus in the Eucharist (even when it's very early!) is a great way to get things going!

4) Join a Prayer Group: If your parish does not have any, you may want to consider starting one yourself. Several moms in our parish began a Mothers' Prayer Group several years ago with just a few of us, and it's still going strong.

5) Fasting and acts of Mortification: St. Therese teaches "the Little Way“ fasting and giving up something volunarily. Encourage your children to join you.

6) Pray the Rosary everyday: This is one request Our Lady made at Fatima, we know it must be critical. If you have never prayed the rosary, start small by just doing one decade a day. Soon you can work your way up to doing 5 decades (1 mystery), and eventually (hopefully) all 15 decades (3 mysteries). You can also teach your children to make rosaries together as an enjoyable hobby and send them to the missions. Very cheaply priced rosary making kits are available through: Our Lady's Rosary Makers, P.O. Box 37080, Louisville, KY, 40233 OR you can get a free Rosary Maker's Catalogue by emailing this address:

7) Say the Divine Mercy Chaplet everyday: If possible, do this as Our Lord requested around 3:00 p.m. It is very short - only requires 5 minutes or so. Your kids can join you.

8) Establish a Family Altar and nightly prayer routine: Try to make an altar with images/statues of Jesus and Mary, holy water, a blessed candle, and whatever else you may want to put on it. Say family prayers around it every night. If your kids are old enough, say a decade of the rosary or a whole family rosary.

9)  Listen to great audiotapes about the faith!  You can get them FREE here at the Catholic Cassette Lending Library - just send a $3 donation for the first catalogue with over 2,300 titles of audiotapes you may borrow for free. Tapes range from topics involving apologetics, apparitions, Blessed Virgin, healing, evangelization, New age cults, pro-life and more.    Send $3 to:  Patrick O'Connor, C.C.L. Director, 1420 Renaissance Dr., Park Ridge, IL   60068
LENTEN SPECIAL ADDITION! Here are some very practical things you can do with your kids and family to make a better lent!  I leave them up all year, because they're great for any time you want to have a little extra mortification in your life.

Corporal or External Practices 

+ Take less of what you like and more of what you dislike at meals today 

+  Give up your chat/ internet surfing time for a day

+  Don’t listen to music while online, getting dressed, etc.

+  Give up your favorite t.v. show once, or give up t.v. all day

+  Give up playing with your friends for an afternoon

+ Take nothing to drink between meals. 

+ Do not use seasoning on your food today. 

+ Do not use any sweeteners with your food or drinks today. 

+ Avoid listening to the radio at all today.

 + Take nothing to eat between meals today. 

+ Take only one helping of each item at meals today. 

+ Take a hot lunch at school today if it is food you dislike and eat it

+  Give away your favorite item in your lunch today to a friend

+ Say an extra Rosary or decade of the Rosary on your own

+  Don’t buy anything for yourself (candy, snacks, sodas) when you go to the store - save the money and donate it in the basket on Sunday

  Spiritual or Internal Fast Practices 

+ Don't do any unnecessary talking; instead, say little ejaculations (prayers) throughout the day. 

+ Exercise your patience today in all things.

+ Read a book to your siblings

+  Watch a religious video with your siblings

+ Don't make any complaints today. 

+ Restrain any anger, and go out of your way to be kind to the person who caused your anger. 

+ Don't be distracted with someone else's business. 

+ Avoid any gossip today, instead say an extra Rosary to overcome this great fault. 

+ When asked to do something extra do so with a joyful and pleasant attitude today. 

+ Speak in a pleasant tone to everyone today. 

+ Avoid using the phone. 

+ Tell the truth in all your dealings today. 

+ Avoid vanity or self-seeking today.

+  Do an extra chore without mom or dad asking you


  Spiritual Practices  (virtues and good works) 

+ Practice humility today in all your actions. 

+ Be generous today; help someone in need. 

+ Look for ways to be helpful throughout the day. 

+ Do a job that needs being done without being asked. 

+ Be courageous; walk away from any impure situations today. 

+ Don't be at all idle today. Always be doing something for others or for your own spiritual growth. 

+ Go out of your way today to help or talk to someone who is usually difficult.

 + Volunteer for an extra job today.

 + Say an extra Rosary today for the conversion of a sinner. 

+ Visit someone who is sick or lonesome today. Offer to say the Rosary with them.



1) The Scapular: This is must for all members in your family to wear. Even children should begin wearing them after being enrolled (usually after making their First Holy Communion). Wearing one is a little bothersome at first, but read about the wonderful promises attached to wearing one, and you will soon find it is not so tough to keep it on. To get a free blessed wool brown scapular, along with a book on Purgatory and a St. Benedict Medal, send $1.00 postage/handling fee to: Scapular Guild, P.O. Box 4651, Dept. V, Phila., PA 19127 ...Or, if you'd like to order a plasticized brown scapular which will last indefinately, Press Here

2) Blessed Rosaries - keep rosaries all over your house, then you'll always have one handy when you may have a few minutes to squeeze in a few decades. Get them blessed by a priest.

3) Medals - there are lots of blessed medals to have around your home. The best ones are Miraculous medals and/or St. Benedict's medals, which should be placed above each doorway of your home for safety and protection. You can order blessed St. Benedict's medals (which have the exorcism blessing on them) for .15 each from: The Benedictine Mission House, P.O. Box 528, Schuyler, NE 68661-0528. To order beautiful medals of your favorite saints at a very reasonable price right off the net, click HERE

4) Blessed Crucifixes: Every Catholic home should have at least one prominently displayed.

5) Pictures/Images of Our Lady, Our Lord, and the Saints: These are not exactly sacramentals, but they are wonderful to have around your home to remind you to pray throughout your busy days. To order beautiful, full-color laminated holy card sets of the Saints at a very reasonable price right off the net, click HERE

6) Blessed Salt: This is a very powerful sacramental and protection against evil. It is one of the oldest sacramentals of our Church, but has just recently received renewed interest. To learn more about it and learn how to acquire some, PRESS HERE

7) Blessed Holy Oil: This is especially important to have around to anoint the sick. My favorite is blessed St. Philomena Oil. It's available for a donation from: The Universal Living Rosary Assoc., P.O. Box 1303, Dickinson, TX 77539

8) Holy Water: Keep it around in abundance and use it often. Put it in a squirt bottle (clearly marked) and use it to squirt the different rooms of your home. Put up a holy water font in your home so your family members can bless themselves with holy water before going to bed or upon rising in the morning.

9) Blessed Candles: Have these on your family altar to light at night when saying evening prayers. Kids especially love candles!

10) Sacred Heart Badge: All moms should wear one - For a Scriptural rosary booklet and prayers and how to pray the rosary and packet of blessed plastic rosary (cord), brown scapular and sacred heart badge send $3.00 US funds only to:The Way of Our Lady,P.O. Box 53475,Lafayette, LA 70505-3475, or to order a long-lasting plasticized one w/silver cross inside, Press here

11) Blessed Holy Cards: Get holy cards at any Catholic bookstore of your favorite saints or your childrens' patron saints and have them blessed by a priest. Start a collection of holy cards for your kids! They are much better than collecting sports cards! To see reasonably priced holy card sets that are great for collecting press HERE

12) Agnus Dei: This is a sacramental made of pure, white, virgin wax, blessed by Our Holy Father at certain seasons. Those who carry or venerate this are promised protection from tempests, lightning, fire, water, malice of demons and adversity, pestilence, sickness and sudden death. This sacramental, along with the Little Sachet (mentioned below) are both available for a $5.00 donation from: Discalced Carmelite Nuns, 73530 River Rd., Covington, LA, 70435-2206

13) The Little Sachet of the Adorable Name of Jesus: A small cloth piece which is meant to excite confidence in the invocation of the Adorable name of Jesus. Available through the address listed above with Agnus Dei.

14)The Green Scapular: This is a powerful sacramental that is especially efficacious in praying for someone's conversion or for non-believers. To learn more about it, Press Here To order a long-lasting plasticized one, Press here

15) The Cord of St. Philomena: This cord is worn like a belt or around the neck to obtain favors from this most wonderful saint. Countless favors have been obtained by her devotees by devoutly wearing the cord, which gives her honor and places you under her special protection in times of need. To learn more about this wonderful sacramental, PRESS HERE


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