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Unique way to learn the Faith! Catholicism Illustrated Card Game

How the cards work: This is a set of 52 beautifully illustrated, professional grade, glossy card stock (standard playing size cards) with essential and at times unusual Catholic trivia. Families can read the questions and answers aloud to each other or to themselves and learn intriguing things they may not have known about being Catholic! Play it anywhere. Play it anytime with your family! The format is designed with kids in mind - short, informative, memorable! Fun to play with the family. Generates dialogue about the faith! The illustration comes from the ancient 4 gospels of the Book of Kells, designed by monks in Ireland around 800 A.D. (The Book of Kells is on display today at Trinity College in Dublin). What other gift will you get this year beautifully illustrated by 800 A.D. Celtic monks?!

Here are some of the actual cards:


Card Box is a nice 3.5" x 5" size Nice Gift Size. 52 standard playing card size cards.

When are we finding time to talk about our faith with our kids? Meant to be read a few cards at a time "on your way" to or home from Mass, on a family trip, or wherever you might be going! Beautifully designed Book of Kells Celtic illustration throughout. Large 3.5" x 5" card box holds 52 trivia cards. High quality professional grade playing card stock paper and finish. The Catholic Trivia Cards include 52 standard size playing cards. The gift set is called the "Car and Kitchen Table edition" because the trivia cards were designed to be shared in the places where families find themselves interacting most!



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