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Niņo de Atocha


Also known as Child of Atocha, Infant of Atocha

Profile During the 13th century Moorish invasions of Spain, the town of Atocha was lost in a battle during which many Christians were taken prisoner. The Moors would not allow adults to bring food or water to the prisoners, and the villagers prayed for the protection of their lost sons. A small child, dressed like a 13th century pilgrim, came to the prison camp with a bag of food and jug of water. The guards let him feed the prisoners; no matter how many he fed, and no matter how much they ate, the bag and jug never emptied. A small statue of that apparition was venerated in the village of Atocha for many years, commemorating the feeding of the prisoners by the Christ child. It has since been relocated to Fesnillo, Mexico.

Patronage children, pilgrims, prisoners, travellers

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