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About St. Anne, (Ann) , Mother of the Blessed Virgin, Grandmother of Jesus

Memorial 26 July Profile Mother of Our Lady. Grandmother of Jesus Christ. Wife of Saint Joachim.

Probably well off. Tradition says that Anne was quite elderly when Mary was born, and that she was their only child. The belief that Anne remained a virgin in the conception and birth of Mary was condemned by the Vatican in 1677. Believed to have given Mary to the service of the Temple when the girl was three years old. Devotion to her has been popular in the East from the very early days of the Church; widespread devotion in the West began in the 16th century, but many shrines have developed since. Canonized cultus extended to the whole Church in 1584

Name Meaning gracious one; grace (= Anne)


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Representation in art: door holding Mary or Jesus in her arms or lap, at her betrothal to Joachim, teaching Mary to read the Bible, greeting Saint Joachim at Golden Gate, woman with a book in her hand

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