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Saint Apollonia

Also known as Apolline Memorial 9 February

Profile Virgin. Deaconess. During an anti-Christian uprising in Alexandria caused by a pagan prophecy, the mob seized Apollonia as a leader among the local Christians. After her teeth were broken with pincers, she was given the choice of renouncing Christ or being burned alive; she lept onto the fire herself. Martyr.

Died burned to death c.249 at Alexandria, Egypt

Name Meaning belonging to Apollo (Apollonios) Canonized Pre-Congregation

Patronage Achterbos, Belgium ,against tooth disease, against toothache, Ariccia, Italy Cuccaro Monferrato, Italy ,dentists

Representation deaconess holding a set of pincers which often holds a tooth, gilded tooth pincers grabbing a tooth, pincers, tooth and a palm branch, tooth woman wearing a golden tooth on a chain

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