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Saint Barnabas the Apostle

Also known as Bernabé, Joseph

Memorial 11 June

Profile Levite Jewish convert, coming to the faith soon after Pentecost, taking the name Barnabas. Though not of the chosen Twelve Apostles, Barnabas is mentioned frequently in the Acts, and is included among the prophets and doctors at Antioch, and is considered an Apostle. Companion of Saint Paul who introduced him to the Apostles. Like Paul, Barnabas believed in the Church's mission to Gentiles, and worked with him in Cyprus and Asia, but split with him over a non-theological matter. Evangelized in Cyprus with Saint Mark. Founded the Church in Antioch. Subject and possible author of some apocryphal works. Martyr.

Born Cyprus as Joseph

Died martyred in c.61 at Salamis at the time of his death he was carrying a copy of the Gospel of Saint Matthew that he had copied by hand

Name Meaning son of encouragement; son of consolation

Patronage against hailstorms, Antioch, Cyprus, invoked as peacemaker, Marbella, Costa del Sol, Spain, Marino, Italy

Representation ax, lance, middle-aged bearded apostle, often bearing a book or olive branch standing on or near a pile of stones while holding a book stones with Saint Paul

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