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Saint Bartholomew the Apostle

Also known as Nathanael bar Tolomai

Memorial 24 August (Roman calendar) 11 June (Orthodox calendar)

Profile One of the Twelves Apostles. Probably a close friend of Saint Philip; his name is always mentioned in the Gospels in connection with him, and it was Philip brought Bartholomew to Jesus. May have written a gospel, now lost; it is mentioned in other writings of the time. May have preached in Asia Minor, Ethiopia, India and Armenia; some one did, leaving early writings behind, and local tradition says it was him. Martyr.

Died flayed alive at Albanopolis, Armenia relics at Saint Bartholomew-on-the-Tiber Church, Rome, and in the cathedral in Canterbury, England

Name Meaning gift of God (Nathanael)

Patronage against nervous diseases, against neurological diseases, against twitching, Armenia, bookbinders, butchers,Civitella in Val di Chiana, Italy, cobblers, Forentine cheese merchants, Forentine salt merchants, Gambatesa, Italy Gharghur, Malta, leather workers, Magalang, Philippines, plasterers, shoemakers, tanners, trappers, whiteners

Representation tanner's knife cross, elderly man holding a tanner's knife and a human skin, skinless man holding his own skin

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