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St. Basil the Great

Also known as Father of Eastern Monasticism

Memorial 2 January

Profile Nobility by birth. His mother, father, and four of his nine siblings were canonized, including Saint Gregory of Nyssa. Grandson of Saint Macrina the Elder. As a youth he was noted for organizing famine relief, and for working in the kitchens himself, quite unusual for a young noble. Studied in Constantinople and Athens with his friend Saint Gregory Nazianus. Ran a school of oratory and law in Caesarea. He was so successful, so sought after as a speaker, he was tempted by pride. Fearful that it would overtake his piety, he sold all that he had, gave away the money, and became a priest and monk. Founded monasteries and drew up rules for monks living in the desert; he is considered as key to the founding of eastern monastcism as Benedict was to the west. Bishop and Archbishop of Caesarea. Conducted Mass and preached to the crowds twice each day. Fought Arianism. Greek Doctor of the Church. Father of the Church.

Born 329 at Caesarea, Asia Minor (modern Turkey)

Died 14 June 379 of natural causes Name Meaning kingly

Patronage Cappadocia ,hospital administrators, reformers ,Russia Prayers

Representation supernatural fire, often with a dove present

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