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Saint Catherine of Alexandria

Also known as Katherine of Alexandria

Memorial 25 November removed from the calendar and cultus suppressed in 1969

Profile Apocryphal. Nobility. Learned in science and oratory. Converted to Christianity after receiving a vision. When she was 18 years old, during the persecution of Maximus, she offered to debate the pagan philosophers. Many were converted by her arguments, and immediately martyred. Maximus had her scourged and imprisoned. The empress and the leader of Maximus' army were amazed by the stories, went to see Catherine in prison. They converted and were martyred. Maximus ordered her broken on the wheel, but she touched it and the wheel was destroyed. She was beheaded, and her body whisked away by angels. Immensely popular during the Middle Ages, there were many chapels and churches devoted to her throughout western Europe, and she was reported as one of the divine advisors to Saint Joan of Arc. Her reputation for learning and wisdom led to her patronage of libaries, librarians, teachers, archivists, and anyone associated with wisdom or teaching. Her debating skill and persuasive language has led to her patronage of lawyers. And her torture on the wheel led to those who work with them asking for her intercession. One of the Fourteen Holy Helpers. While there may well have been a noble, educated, virginal lady who swayed pagans with her rhetoric during the persecutions, the accretion of legend, romance and poetry has long since buried the real Catherine.

Died beheaded c.305 in Alexandria, Egypt

Canonized Pre-Congregation Name Meaning pure one (= Catherine)

Patronage craftsmen who work with a wheel ,(potters, spinners, etc.) archivists ,Camerata Picena, Italy Dumaguete, Philippines, diocese of dying people .educators .girls. Heidesheim am Rhein, Germany jurists. knife grinders .knife sharpeners. Kuldiga, Latvia lawyers. librarians. libraries .Mähring, Germany maidens .mechanics .millers .nurses. old maids .philosophers potters. preachers. scholars. schoolchildren s.cribes. secretaries. spinners .spinsters .stenographers ,students, tanners, teachers theologians,

Representation spiked wheel ,woman strapped to the spiked wheel on which she was martyred ,woman arguing with pagan philosophers

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