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Sts. Cosmas & Damien

Memorial 26 September (Roman) 1 July, 17 October, 1 November (Greek)

Profile Twin brothers Physician, trained in Syria, who accepted no payment, charity which brought many to Christ. Reported to have miraculously replaced the ulcered leg of a man named Justinian with one from a recently deceased man. Arrested during the persecutions of Diocletian, he was tortured, but suffered no injury. Martyr.

The two suffered no injury during tortures. Many fables grew up about the brothers, connected in part with their relics and their ability to heal.

Born 3rd century, of Arabic descent

Died tortured and beheaded c.303

Canonized Pre-Congregation

Patronage Alberobello, Italy, apothecaries, barbers, blind people, chemical industry, chemical manufacturers, doctors, druggists, hairdressers, hernias, midwives, physicians, pharmacists, relief from pestilence, surgeons

Representation Two siants standing together with box of ointment, phia,l medical emblems

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