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Saint Dismas (the Good Thief)

Also known as The Good Thief, The Penitent Thief, Desmas

Memorial 25 March date derived from traditon that this was the calendar date of the Crucifixion, though the Passover and Easter celebrations move from year to year

Profile One of the thieves crucified with Jesus, the other being traditionally known as Gestas; Dismas is the one who rebuked the other, and asked for Christ's blessing. An old legend from an Arabic infancy gospel says that when the Holy Family were running to Egypt, they were set upon by a band of thieves including Dismas and Gestas. One of the highwaymen realized there was something different, something special about them, and ordered his fellow bandits to leave them alone; this thief was Dismas.

Died crucified c.30 at Jerusalem

Name Meaning dying

Patronage condemned prisoners ,criminals ,death row prisoners, funeral directors, Merizo, Guam ,prisoners, prisoners on death row, reformed thieves, undertakers

Representation carrying his cross immediately behind Christ c,rucified at Christ's right hand naked, holding his cross, often with his hand on his heart to signify penitence tall cross

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