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Saint Joseph


Also known as Joseph the Betrothed ,Joseph the Worker

Memorial 19 March 1 May (Joseph the Worker)

Profile Descendant of the house of David. Layman. Builder by trade; traditionally a carpenter, but may have been a stone worker. Earthly spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Foster and adoptive father of Jesus Christ. Visionary who was visited by angels. Noted for his willingness to immediately get up and do what God told him to do. Died 1st century, prior to the Passion, of natural causes Name Meaning whom the Lord adds (Joseph)

Patronage against doubt ,against hesitation , Canada, Candian Armed Forces ,carpenters ,dying people ,emigrants, engineers, expectant mothers ,families ,fathers, Florence, Italy Fonte Nuova, Italy, happy death, Hartford, house hunters, immigrants, interior souls, people in doubt, people who fight Communism, Peru ,pioneers ,pregnant women, protection of the Church ,unborn children ,Universal Church

Representation bible ,branch ,carpenter's square, carpenter's tools, chalice ,cross ,hand tools, infant Jesus ,ladder ,lamb, lily, monstrance ,old man holding a lily and a carpenter's tool such as a square, old man holding the infant Jesus ,plane rod

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