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Saint Mark the Evangelist


Also known as John Mark

Memorial 25 April

Profile Believed to be the young man who ran away when Jesus was arrested (Mark 14:51-52), and the "John whose other name was Mark" (Acts 12:25). Disciple of Saint Peter who travelled with him to Rome, and was referred to as "my son Mark" by the first Pope. Author of the earliest canonical Gospel. Travelled with his cousin Saint Barnabas, and with Saint Paul through Cyprus. Evangelized in Alexandria, established the Church there, and founded the first famous Christian school.

Died martyred 25 April 68 at Alexandria; relics at Venice, Italy

Name Meaning God is gracious; gift of God (John)

Patronage against impenitence ,against struma ,attorneys, barristers, captives, glaziers imprisoned people, ,insect bites, ,lawyers ,lions ,notaries, prisoners, scrofulous diseases, stained glass workers, struma patients ,Venice, Florida, diocese of Venice, Italy

Representation lion, lion in the desert, bishop on a throne decorated with lions, man helping Venetian sailors, man holding a book with pax tibi Marce written on it, man holding a palm and book ,man with a book or scroll accompanied by a winged lion ,man with a halter around his neck, man writing or holding his gospel rescuing Christian slaves from Saracens, winged lion

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