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Saint Richard of Chichester

Also known as Richard de Wych, Richard Backedine, Richard of Wich

Memorial 3 April

Profile Second son of Richard and Alice de Wych. His father died when he was young. The family fell upon hard times, he took over management of the estates and brought them back. Educated at Oxford, Paris and Bologna. Chancellor of Oxford. Legal advisor to Saint Edmund Rich and Saint Boniface of Savoy, the Archbishops of Canterbury. Priest. Bishop of Chichester. Miracles and cures occured at his shrine in Chichester.

His patronage of coachmen began with the Milanese Guild of Coachmen, possibly because Richard drove carts and wagons on the family farm.

Born 1197 at Droitwich, Worcestershire, England as Richard de Wych

Died 3 April 1253 at Dover, England

Canonized 1262 by Pope Urban IV

Patronage coachmen

Representation bishop with a chalice on its side at his feet because he once dropped the chalice during a Mass and nothing spilled from it ,kneeling with the chalice before him ,ploughing his brother's fields ,a bishop in red blessing his flock with a chalice nearby

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