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St. Stephen (the Martyr)

Also known as Stephen the Deacon

Memorial 26 December

Profile First Christian Martyr. Deacon. Preacher. All we know of him is related in the Acts of the Apostles. While preaching the Gospel in the streets, angry Jews who believed his message to be blasphemy dragged him outside the city, and stoned him to death. In the crowd, on the side of the mob, was a man who would later be known as Saint Paul the Apostle.

Died stoned to death c.33

Canonized Pre-Congregation

Name Meaning crown

Patronage Acoma Indian Pueblo, against headaches, casket makers ,Cetona, Italy coffin makers ,deacons, horses ,Kessel, Germany, masons ,Owensboro, Kentucky, diocese of Passau, Germany Prato, Italy, stone masons

Representation deacon carrying a pile of rocks ,deacon with rocks gathered in his vestments ,deacon with rocks on his head, deacon with rocks or a book at hand, palm of martyrdom, stones

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