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Saint Thomas the Apostle

Also known as Apostle of India, Didymu,s Doubting Thomas, the Twin

Memorial 3 July; celebration of the transference of his body to Edessa in Mesopotamia Profile Apostle. He was ready to die with Jesus when Christ went to Jerusalem, but is best remembered for doubting the Resurrection until allowed to touch Christ's wounds. Preached in Parthia, Persia and India, though he was so reluctant to start the mission that he had to be taken into slavery by a merchant headed that way. He eventually gave in to God's will, was freed, and planted the new Church over a wide area. He formed many parishes and built many churches along the way.

His symbol is the builder's square, from an ancient story that built a palace for King Guduphara in India.

Died stabbed with a spear c.72 in India

Patronage against doubt ,architects, blind people, builders ,construction workers ,Ceylon East Indies, geometricians, India masons, Pakistan, people in doubt, Sri Lanka, stone masons, stonecutters, surveyors ,theologians

Representation builder's rule, spear t-square

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