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Venerable Matt Talbot

Profile Born to a poor family with a history of alcoholism, he took to drink when still a child, and was considered a hopeless alcoholic by age thirteen. At age 28, he had conversion experience, and on his knees, he made a pledge of sobriety; he lived another 41 years without ever breaking that vow. He was a member of the Transport and General Workers Union, and worked in a lumber yard on the docks of Dublin.

He was always poor and never cared, yet was always generous to people in need. He lived a life of prayer, fasting, and service, never taking credit, and trying to model himself on the sixth century Irish monks. Even as his Cause is being investigated, some consider him a modern patron of alcoholics and other adicts.

There are a number of Matt Talbot houses, inns, centers, etc. around the English speaking world, working to rescue and treat them.

Born 2 May 1856 in Dublin, Ireland

Died 7 June 1925 in Dublin, Ireland of natural causes

Venerated 3 October 1975 Beatified pending; if you have information relevant to the beatification of Venerable Matt, contact: Vice-Postulation Saint Mary’s Pro-Cathedral 83 Marlborough Street, Dublin 1, IRELAND

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