The Catholic Mother's Resource Guide

NEW! This is the new expanded edition! More information, larger size - This handy book has become an International Catholic Best-seller! It is bursting with hints, ideas, and hands-on activities for Catholic mothers. The book has three parts: Part I focuses on concrete w;s in which Catholic moms can incorporate traditional Roman Catholic spirituality thoughout the d;, even amongst the busy demands of motherhood. The ideas are simple, short, and easy to read. Part II explains a large variety of ideas, hints and practices which Catholic mothers can use to teach the rich traditions of the Roman Catholic Faith to our children. The ideas in this section are easy to implement and mother tested and approved!, Part III is an extensive resource section, which gives hands-on information on acquiring a variety of materials related to many of the ideas in the first two sections. Many of us mothers in this current "Post Vatican II" era did not receive adequate religious education on the most basics of our faith. This book is written to help us grasp the fundamental traditions of the Faith and teach them effectively to our own children. The book is wonderful for all Catholic mothers or grandmothers. It is especially good for mothers-to-be and first time mothers and makes a wonderful baby shower gift.- BONUS! Each book uniquely autographed by the Author! Price: $7.95

Price: $7.95



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