Catholic Answers for Catholic Parents

This important follow up book by Maria Compton-Hernandez is a must for any Catholic household! It is an invaluable resource for defining, teaching and studying the doctrines and dogmas of the Roman Catholic Faith! Easy reference, topics are listed along with apologetics information, Catechism references and Scriptural references. Topics covered include: Heaven, Hell and Purgatory, The Immaculate Conception, The Eucharist, Confession, Sin, Artificial Contraception, and many, many more. The explanations are clear and easy to read, and come with examples for how to explain the doctrines and dogmas of our faith to children. This book is an absolute MUST for parents, CCD teachers, religious ed teachers , converts, RCIA program candidates - anyone who needs to know more about what the Holy Catholic Church teaches and why - Just $8.95

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