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"Catholic Apologetics for Teens" is an exciting new computerized program designed especially for Catholic teenagers. The program teaches Catholic teens how to ?defend the Faith? by studying in depth every major Catholic belief and docrine from the Perpetual Virginity of Mary to the Holy Eucharist. Written by apologetics author and educator, Maria Compton-Hernandez, M.Ed., these topics are covered in clear and concise language that is applicable to teenagers. The topics are addressed in ways that teens will find interesting and interactive. Topics include: Chastity, Homosexuality, Birth Control, The Perpetual Virginity of Mary, The Immaculate Conception, the Holy Eucharist, All Male Priesthood, Confession, Mortal Sin, the Reality of Hell and Purgatory, Indulgences, Sacramentals and Relics, the Pope and Papal Infallibility, Praying to Angels and Saints, and the Protestant Reformation. All chapters are cross referenced with Scripture and the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Each chapter also contains questions for review and discussion. May be used for individual study and enrichment, or as part of a CCD program or homeschool curriculum. Two e-books allow the student to browse through different topics and access online versions of the Catechism for further enrichment and study. This version is available only via computer download


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