Blessed Virgin Pro Life Paper holy card

Description: PRO-LIFE PRAYER TO OUR SORROWFUL MOTHER O Mary, Mother of Jesus and Mother of us all, born and unborn, we turn to you today as the one who said "Yes" to Life. Despite your surprise and uncertainty as to how this could be, you accepted God?s Will. Mary, we pray today for all mothers and fathers who may feel apprehensive and overwhelmed by their pregnancy. Intercede for them, that God may give them the grace to say yes and the courage to go on. May they have the grace to reject the lie of abortion. May they say with you, "Be it done unto me according to Your Word." Printed in China. Help also the Pro-Life movement, that all people will come to value human life as God?s precious gift to be accepted and loved rather than a burden to be destroyed. Through your intercession may your Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, bring about His definitive triumph of life over death. Amen. Cardstock -- 2 3/8 x4 1/8" H

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