Never Tangle Rosary made in Uganda (XX-8)

Never Tangle Rosary made in Uganda (XX-8)

These unique wood rosaries are made by The Dream Foundation in Uganda - here is what the founder of this foundation, Kimuli Isaac, told me about how they are made in his own words:

 These rosaries are made by widows, and abandoned pregnant teenagers in Uganda for a living. These women were replaced here when they were escaping Konyi the big rebel from the northern part of Uganda who even cut off their legs, lips and killed their families. When they came here they resorted to mining stones with their bear hands which was damaging their lives and very stressful. I introduced this craft making idea to them and it helps them get food, pay for medical bills, and send their kids to school.  


Our items are made from local materials and are very high quality made from treated recycled papers, and magazines, very green to nature, coated multiple times so they do not run, or fade, and come in different colours.

See how we make the beads:


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