St. Benedict Olive wood crucifix set

St. Benedict Olive wood crucifix set: Comes in a gift box with an explanation card explaining all about this powerful sacramental. "The Crucifix Medal of St. Benedict" Among the numerous mediums holy Mother Church offers to bring help to the dying is this marvelous crucifix. The Church certifies the Cross of a Happy Death and the Medal of St. Benedict. The popes have granted a Plenary Indulgence to this combination. To facilitate the gaining of this indulgence, we have the placement of the smaller Cross of a Happy Death supporting the Medal of St. Benedict, which is placed in the center on the back of the Cross. One of the inscriptions on the Medal brings the wish in pr;er form to mind: (Ejus in obitu nostro praesentia muniamur) - "We desire you in our hour of death to be our armour by your property and presence." The letters on the St. Benedict?s Medal signify a powerful pr;er of exorcism. This Cross/Medal is powerful protection for wearing or placing within your home. These retail normally around $30! Measures 3 1/2" - suitable for wearing or hanging - BONUS! Gift boxed with explanation card! Retail $30.00 - Everyd; Low Price, just $12.95

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