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Here are frequently asked questions - please read this before emailing us your questions or concerns!

Q. Did you get the order I placed online?
A. As soon as you submit your online order along with all your payment and shipping details, you will receive an immediate automated copy of your order via email (this will usually come within 4 minutes of placing your online order.) If you think you submitted an order online but did not get this email confirmation letter, it could be that your email provided intercepted the letter incorrectly as 'spam' (usually they re-route suspected 'spam' into a bulk or spam folder) Go look in your bulk/spam folder and see if you have received an email confirmation of your order. If you do not see it there, and have never received an email confirmation receipt, then your order was not properly processed and submitted to us.

Q. When will my order be mailed?
A. Most orders are processed within 24 hours. If you place the order online, you'll get an email notification with shipping details when the package ships out. If you place your order through the mail, you must provide us with an email address if you want us to send you email delivery notification information.

Q. How will I know my order has shipped?
A. You will get an email if  you request letting you know that the item has shipped, which will also include delivery confirmation information from the post office about your package.

Q. I'm worried about paying with my credit card online!
A. Our system is guaranteed 100% safe and secure. The safest way to pay for ANYTHING online is with your credit card. Your credit card company will protect you from any fraudulent charges made by any company. We do not share your information with anyone for any reason - we do not sell our customer's names, phone numbers, addresses, or any other information EVER. Be assured you can shop safely here - see our many happy customer comments over the past 14 years if you have doubts.

Q. I don't want to pay with my credit card online - can I send the credit card info through regular mail or fax?
A. You certainly may do that, but be advised that If you choose to send credit card info to us via regular mail or our fax number, that is your choice. 

Q. I don't have a credit card/don't want to use a credit card - can I send the order through regular mail?
A. Yes. Please use the online shopping cart and you can then choose the 'through the mail' option when you check out and print out the form with appropriate shipping charges, etc.. and it will tell you where to send the payment (check or money order) and the order form.

Q. I have a PayPal account, can I use this for purchases?
A. Yes! Paypal is an option when you check out!

Q. Can I place my credit card order over the phone?
A. We are a family-run business and are not set up for voice telephone ordering. You may fax us your credit card and order information if you prefer, however, please know that we will manually input this information into the same credit card processor that we use to do all the online ordering, so it is no safer than if you placed the order online using our secure and convenient online shopping cart system.


We are pleased to offer our customers a variety of shipping options which will meet your needs. USPO (Post office) for regular orders, or Express through the post office (Which is usually overnight, but it depends on where you live, it may take two days). Whatever way you choose, you may receive an email notice when your order has been shipped by JMJ Products, along with your tracking number that shows Delivery Confirmation information. (Please note that additional shipping charges may be added to very heavy orders, especially larger statues and multiple large candles). The shipping charges you see are approximate, if heavy items like large crucifixes, coffee mugs, statues, or multiple candles are in the order, shipping charges may need to be adjusted when your order is processed. An adjusted invoice will be included with your order.

PLEASE NOTE! Most orders are processed daily in the evenings, M-F - when your order comes in during the day, it will be processed the next business day. Please take this into account when considering your delivery options. When you choose the 'overnight delivery' option, it is understood to be overnight from the time the order is processed, not from the time you submit the order online, as we may not get it until the next business day.

PLEASE CHECK and DOUBLE-CHECK your shipping information! If you put the wrong shipping information, we are not responsible for packages which do not arrive to you and are lost in the mail due to incorrect shipping information! In such cases, if the package is 'returned to sender', we will re-ship the package to you after verifying correct shipping information, but additional shipping charges will apply. If your credit card is declined, additional service charges may apply.

About shipping/handling charges: our charges are based on industry standards and are often lower than industry standards. The charges do not just cover the mailing or postage costs, but the cost of the mailing supplies, time needed to pick and pack the orders, as well as the costs we accrue by having the merchandise initially shipped to us, many times from Europe and other countries overseas.

NOTE: Not all items are availble for overseas shipping (shipping outside the continental U.S.) We do not ship fragile items overseas and if you are outside of the U.S. and place an order for fragile items, we will remove it from the order and let you know the item was not available for overseas shipping. International shipping orders cannot be claimed as missing until 30 days - due to the nature of some countries' customs requirements, etc. We do not drop ship outside of the USA!

We will not process credit card orders or ship merchandise on orders with any relationship to the following countries: Indonesia, Ghana, Nigeria, Maylasia, Turkey

SPECIAL NOTE REGARDING HEAVY ITEMS - if you order items which significantly increase the weight of your total order (such as candles and statues), additional shipping charges will apply and may be assesed later to your credit card on file.

We thank all of our dedicated JMJ Products customers who have been with us for our over 25 years online! As we continue to grow we will also continue to expand our services to meet your needs.

Yours in Jesus, Mary and Joseph - Maria C. Hernandez, Owner JMJ



If your item arrives damaged or you are unhappy with the item, please contact us for a return authorization. We are happy to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee - you may return any merchandise for in store credit. Contact us via email for a return authorization, do not send back items without a return authorization. Return post paid for all damaged items.



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