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ALL OVAL OXIDIZED MEDALS WERE .65 each - now, just 59¢!! The largest selection available on the Internet! Fine crafted oxidized silver, imported from Italy. This is the largest selection of single saints medals available on the internet! (Note: If you order more than 10 of any one specific saint, we may need time to get them in stock for you)

NEW! Interactive saints gallery! Click on the name of any saint in the listing and see images and more info! (after you view the image, hit the 'back' button on your browser to return here)

Hint: if you are looking for a specific saint, press the "Ctrl" + "F" keys on your keyboard and a searchbox will appear where you may type in the name of the specific saint to search for -

St. Anthony(lost items), St. Christopher (travelling) , St. Bernadette (of Lourdes), St. Benedict (powerful against evil w/ exorcism prayer on the medal) Padre Pio, Ecce Homo (face of Christ), 4 - Way medal (four critical medals in one!), St. Gerard (the Mother's Saint), Our Lady of Guadalupe (patroness of the unborn and the Americas), Guardian Angel, Holy Family, Holy Spirit, Infant of Prague (Children, Colleges, Family Life, Vocations), St. Joan of Arc (Rape Victims, Womens Army Corps), St. Jude (desperate causes), St. Patrick/St. Bridget (Irish Saints), Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Sts. Peter/Paul , Pope John Paul II, St. John the Baptist (Baptism, Converts, Epilepsy), St. Rafael (traveller's saint, saint of romance), St. Theresa (the Little Flower), St. Michael the Archangel(policemen, servicemen), Our Lady of Loretto (travellers and pilots) Scapular Medal = Sacred Heart of Jesus/Virgin of Carmel St. Joseph (jobs, homes, husbands), Miraculous Medal, St. Philomena (the wonder-worker/martyr), St. Rita (Saint of Impossible Causes), ,Ignatius of Antioch, Divine Mercy Jesus (w/ prayer, "Jesus I trust in You"), St. Catherine of Sienna (fire prevention, sexual temptation, nurses), St. Catherine LaBoure w/ Miraculous Medal, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, St. Anne (Grandmother of Jesus, Mother of the Blessed Virgin, patron of marriage and infertility) St. Mary Magdeline (contemplative life, hair stylists), St. Dymphna (for Mental Illness), St. Maria Goretti (patron of young people), St. Mother Cabrini (immigrants and orphans), St. Monica (mother's Saint), Nino de Atocha (pilgrims, prisoners, travellers), St. Francis of Asissi (pets, animals) NEWEST ADDITIONS! St. Aloysius, St. Alphonsus Liguori, St. Charles Borromeo, Sts. Cosmas & Damian, Animas Purgatorio (Poor Souls in Purgatory), St. Francis Xavier, St. Martin Cabellero, St. Dismas ("The Good Thief"), St. Agnes (virgins, young women) , St. Scholastica (against rain, storms), St. Lawrence (butchers, students, comedians), St. Expeditus (for travelling), St. Martin De Porres (African Americans, Poor people, public schools), St. Lucy (eyes patroness), St. Andrew, St. Blaise (throat) , St. Barbara (mathematics, builders, carpenters), St. Cecelia (musicians), St. Dominic (the Rosary), St. Elizabeth Ann Seton (Catholic schools) , St. Clare, St. Florian (Firefighters) , Blessed Kateri Tekawitha, St. Mark, St. George (military) , St. Matthew (accountants) , St. Rose of Lima, Holy Trinity, Our Lady of Knock (Ireland) , St. Ignatius Loyola , St. John of God (heart patients), Miraculous Virgin Mary of Pilar, St. Agatha (breast cancer), St. Teresa of Avila (headaches, religious orders), St. Elizabeth of Hungary (Brides, Widows), St. John Neumann, St. Raymond (Childbirth, infants, midwives), Hand of God (Spanish) , St. Christopher Land/Sea/Air, St. Margaret Mary (Promises of the Sacred Heart) , Our Lady of Good Counsel, Infant of Good Health, The Pieta, Mary Auxiliatrix -Help of Christians , Our Lady of Schoenstatt, Our Lady of the Assumption, The Crucifixion, Our Lady Stella Maris (Star of the Sea), Our Lady of La Salette, Our Lady of Sorrows, Our Lady of Prompt Succor , St. John Berchmanns, St. Hedwig (aka Eduvigis), St. Genesius, St. Rosalia, St. Cyprian, Our Lady Virgin of San Juan, St. Lazarus, Good Pope John XXIII (blessed), Our Lady of Czestochowa , Divine Child, Blessed Jose Maria Escriva, St. Gemma Galgani, St. Charbel, St. Paulina, St. Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows,Our Lady Rosa Mystica, Matt Talbot, Cyprian, Ferruzzi Madonna, Our Lady of Providence, Gregg Hernandez, Our Lady of Olives, St. Joseph the Worker, St. Thomas Aquinas (students),St. Stephen,St. Matthew,St. Ignatius Loyola,St. James the Greater (Apostle),Blessed Kateri Tekawitha, St. Monica (Patron of Mothers), St. Teresa of Avila, Francis De Sales, St. Augustine, St. Gabriel the Archangel, St. George, St. Anastasia, St. Joan of Arc, St. John Vianney,St. Raymond Nonnatus, St. Dominic w. Our Lady of the Rosary, Sacred and Immaculate Hearts, St. Andrew the Apostle , St. Bernadine of Sienna, St. Hugh, St. John the Apostle, St. Nick, St. Cecelia, Our Lady of the Oliv es, St. Margarite, St. Vincent Ferrer, St. Vincent DePaul, St. Luke, St. Andrew, St. Roch (Rocco)- UPDATE: Pope John Paul II medals Back in stock! (Click the "Add to Cart" button, Enter the quantity you wish to purchase in the box, and scroll down the list to choose which saint you want, then press the Add to Cart button again. This adds the item to your shopping chart and will bring you back to this page). Convenience ordering of large quantities buying is available in lots of 50, additional ship time will be required. Bulk discounts apply if you order over 200 medals, and must be in lots of 50, a 5% discount will apply. 10% if you order over 500 medals.

Medals go in and out of stock frequently - Here is our current stock - not in alphabetical order - click on saint's name to add to cart:

AgathaAgnesAloysiusAlphonsus Liguori AnneAnthonyBarbaraBenedictBernadetteBlessed Sacrament
Catherine LaBoureCatherine of SiennaCharbelCharles BorromeoChristopherClareConfirmationCosmas & Damian Stations of the CrossCyprian
Divine Child Divine MercyDominicDymphnaEcce HomoElizabeth SetonExpediteFaustinaFerruzzi MadonnaFlorian
4-way medal Francis AssisiFrancis XavierInfant of Good HealthGenesiusGerardGreg HernandezGuardian AngelHedwigHelen
 Immaculate Heart Infant of PragueIsidoreJamesJohn BerchmansJohn BoscoJohn NeumannJohn of GodJohn the Baptist
JosephJose Maria EscrivaJuan DiegoJudeLawrenceLazarusLucyMargaret Mary Maria GorettiMark
MarthaMartin Caballero Martin DePorresMary AuxiliatrixMatt TalbotMax KolbeMichaelMiraculous Medal Mother CabriniMother Teresa
Nino DeAtochaOur Lady of Czestochowa Our Lady of FatimaOur Lady of Guadalupe Our Lady of KnockOur Lady of La SaletteOur Lady of Lourdes Our Lady of Perpetual HelpOur Lady of Sorrows Our Lady of the Rosary
Holy Family/Holy Spirit Q-Padre PioMonica Patrick/BrigidPaul Paulina Peregrine QPadre PioPeter Q-9Peter Cathedral w Pope JP2 O
Philomena QPope John Paul II Pope John XXiii Raphael Richard Rita Rosa Mystica Rose of Lima Sacred Heart Scapular
Scholastica Q-Souls in Purgatory The Pieta Therese of LisiuxVirgin of San JuanCaridad CobreFr. Juniper SerraLa CandelariaLa MontserrateThe Black Madonna
AssumptionThomas AquinasStephenMatthewIgnatiusJamesKateri TekawithaMonicaTeresa of AvilaFrancis de Sales
AugustineGabriel the ArchangelGabriel of SorrowsGeorgeAnastasiaJoan of ArcJohn Vianney (Cure)RaymondDominicTwo Hearts
Our Lady of the OlivesCeceliaMargariteFrancis XavierLukePaul of the CrossBernardNicholas DismasRoch/Rocco
HughAndrewBernadine SiennaJohn the ApostleThomas MoreVincent FerrerVincent DePaulCrucifixionGemma GalganiElizabeth



Newest Medals - just added - .59 each:

Caridad Cobre Fr. Juniper Serra La Candelaria

LaMonserrate (Black Madonna) The Assumption Gemma Galgani

(order above)

Newest Saints medals - just added! Still just .59 each!

St. Thomas Aquinas (students),St. Stephen,St. Matthew,St. Ignatius Loyola,St. James the Greater (Apostle),Blessed Kateri Tekawitha, St. Monica (Patron of Mothers), St. Teresa of Avila, Francis De Sales, St. Augustine, St. Gabriel the Archangel, St. George, St. Anastasia, St. Joan of Arc, St. John Vianney,St. Raymond Nonnatus, St. Dominic w. Our Lady of the Rosary, Sacred and Immaculate Hearts, St. Andrew the Apostle St. Bernadine of Sienna, St. Hugh, St. John the Apostle, St. Nick-

NEWEST Two Popes Medal!

Description: Our Italian Silver Oxidized Medal comes on a convenient jump ring, ready for a stainless steel chain. Both sides of medal shown. Inscription: Pope Benedict/Pope John Paul II Pray for Us -- Silver Oxidized -- 1" H - .59 each


OR get a full assortment collection!

A huge collection of our wonderful medals - Over 60 medals of many of the saints listed above at a special savings - Just 39.95!

Saints Assorted Medal Collection


Celebrating 14 years online - look for this banner to take advantage of special savings on many of our most popular medals!


Endless Stainless steel chains. Perfect for wearing your favorite saint's medals! Strong and durable! 24" - Only $2.50

LIFETIME GUARANTEE! Simply return to us for a free replacement if it ever tarnishes or breaks!

updated price, now just $2.36

Relic Medals

Our beautiful imported oxidized silver medals w/ 3rd class relic cloth - Our Lady of Czestochowa, St. Benedict, St. Jude, Blessed Padre Pio, St. Philomena (the Wonder Worker), St. Therese, Divine Mercy Jesus, Our Lady of Guadalupe, St. Anne, St. Anthony, St. Catherine of Sienna, Our Lady of Fatima, St. Francis, St. Gerard (Mothers) , St. Michael the Archangel, St. Patrick, St. Peregrine (Cancer)**, St. Padre Pio**, St. Dismas (the Good Thief), St. Elizabeth, St. E. Seton, St. Mother Cabrini, Our Lady of Knock, Ireland, Our Lady of Lourdes, St. Martin De Porres, St. Ignatius Loyola, St. Maria Gorettie (Purity/Youth), Blessed Mother Teresa , St. Barbara, St. Bernadette, St. Clare, St. Dominic, St. Dymphna, St. Lucy, St. Joseph, St. Raymond, St. Monica , St. John the Baptist, and St. George.-(Note: ** means the rmedal is round in shape, all others oval as pictured above) Medals go in and out of stock frequently, if it is not showing up in the selections when you add to cart, that means it is temporarily out of stock - $1.25 each

Agnus Dei Lockets - Finally Back in Stock after several years!

Locket Opened

The name Agnus Dei has been given to certain discs of wax impressed with the figure of a lamb and blessed at stated seasons by the Pope. They are sometimes round, sometimes oval in diameter. The lamb usually bears a cross or flag, while figures of saints or the name and arms of the Pope are also commonly impressed on the reverse. These Agnus Deis may be worn suspended round the neck, or they may be preserved as objects of devotion. We have just aquired a limited supply of these Agnus Dei lockets from Italy. They do not come with documentation, but do appear to have a thin film of the wax inside and we will provde a flyer explaining The Agnus Dei. In virtue of the consecration they receive, they are regarded, like holy water, blessed palms, etc., as "Sacramentals". Wax itself is free, the cost is for the locket itself only. On silver tone flip ring for putting on a chain or scapular.

Special virtues of the Agnus Dei, as cited by Popes Urban V, Paul II, Julius III, Sixtus V and Benedict XIV, include the following benefits:
* They foster piety, banish tepidity, preserve from vice and dispose to virtue.
* They cancel venial sins and purify from the stain left by grievous sin after it has been remitted in the Sacrament of Penance.
* They banish evil spirits, deliver from temptation and preserve from eternal ruin.
* They are a protection from a sudden and unprovided death.
* They dispel fears occasioned by evil spirits. They are a protection in combat, and have power to ensure victory.
* They deliver from poison and from the snares of the wicked.
* They are excellent preventatives against sickness and are also an efficacious remedy -- especially in cases of epilepsy. They hinder the ravages of pestilence, of epidemics and infectious diseases.
* They quiet the winds, dissipate hurricanes, calm whirlwinds, and keep away tempests.
* They save from shipwreck and the danger of lightning and floods.


ALSO AVAILABLE: Beautiful hand stitched relic clothes - many saints available!



Relics of Christian Saints fall into four categories: the First Class Relic is the body or a portion of the body of a Saint; example: bone, flesh, or hair. These are considered so precious that they are rarely entrused to individuals, but are placed in Faith Communities. the Second Class Relic is an item or piece of an item used by the Saint while in the body; example: clothing, Bible, Breviary, Mass vestments, and so on. Again, second class Relics are considered so precious that they are rarely entrused to individuals, but are placed in Faith Communities. the Third Class Relic is something that has been touched to the body (or to a portion of the body) of a Saint. Generally, the Third Class Relic is a piece of cloth, but it need not be, as long as the item so touched conveys holiness and is touched with the intent that it be a third class Relic. Third class Relics may be given to individuals, and may be sold. (The Fourth Class Relic, somewhat less known, is something that has been touched to a Second Class Relic of a Saint. Generally, the Fourth Class Relic is a piece of cloth, but it need not be, as long as the item so touched conveys holiness and is touched with the intent that it be a fourth class Relic. Again, fourth class Relics may be given to individuals, and may be sold.) (Thanks to Christian Relics Rescue for this info)

Small Medals Section - Great for Jewelry making, etc

Back in stock again! Watch Medals

Tiny Miraculous medal for your watch - just $1.99 each - Measures just 1/2" high - great for jewelry making, rosary bracelets, etc. Current version features decorative edges.

updated price, now just $1.85

Also available - St. Benedict tiny medal


about 1/3" across - great for jewelry making, watch medal, etc. just $1.29

New Tiny Crucifix medal

Small decorative crucifix on flip ring measures just 3/4" high - perfect for jewelry making, just $1.99 each

Cut out Miraculous Medals

Enamel inlay on silver tone medalion -- measures about 3/4" - $1.99

Oval Blue Enamel medalion

Blue enamel Miraculous Medal on deluxe silver tone flip clasp. Measures about 3/4" high. .99 each

Aluminum gold tone Miraculous Medal

Gold tone, a little over 1/2" high - on gold flip ring. .79 each

Small oval Scapular Medals

Pretty medals about 3/8" high, finely detailed, imported from Italy - just $.99 each!



Unusual Scapular medal

This version features finely detailed silver tone oxidized medal from Italy. Sacred Heart of Jesus on the front and Our Lady of Mt. Carmel on the back - about 3/4" high- just $1.69

updated price, now just $1.55

Round version

This round version features finely detailed silver tone oxidized medal from Italy. Sacred Heart of Jesus on the front and Our Lady of Mt. Carmel on the back - about 1" in dia. just $1.69

Tiny Medals of the Blessed Virgin

The tiniest full color medals of the Blessed Virgin & saints we have ever found! (Medal motifs may vary from picture according to saint) - Measure less than 1/2 " high and about 1/4" across. Beautiful full color inlay medals are gold tone on a gold tone flip ring. Perfect for rosary making, rosary bracelets, baby medals, wearing on any delicate chain or any number of projects, etc. These medals come in lots of 8 with the motifs shown above and various other motifs which include images of Jesus and the Saints. . Since we have them imported in sets of 8 and quantities are limited, we cannot seperate them - they are not availble for single purchase. Set of 8 beautiful gold tone tiny medalions imported from South America - $23.95 (less than $3 per medal) Now available in either gold tone or silver tone.

New! 18K gold plated silver - were 29.95, now just 19.95 each!


A. -4 way medal - 18kt Gold-Plated Silver -- 24" Chain, 3/4" W x 1 1/8" H-

B. Hail Mary Round - 8kt Gold-Plated Silver -- 18" Chain, 1" -

C. Jesus and Mary on Key - 18kt Gold-Plated Silver -- 18" Chain, 1" -

Finally Back in stock! ! Lourdes Water Medalion

Silver tone round enamel blue inlay medal with small vial of miraculous water from the Lourdes Shrine in the back. Suitable for wearing, putting on your favorite rosary, etc.


Back in stock! Beautiful Full Color enamel 4-Way Medal

This beautiful full color enamel medal features the unique 8 unique medal images in one that makes up the popular "Four Way Medal" ! - Scapular w. Jesus and Mary (top) Infant of Prague, St. Anthony, St. Joseph, St. Christopher, and front and back images of the Miraculous Medal. Comes on a full 24" endless stainless steel chain - very unique. Made in Italy - Just $7.95

Back in Stock again! The Largest St. Benedict's Medal on the net!

largest medal

medal front medal back

This amazingly large 4" medal of St. Benedict is very heavy and finely detailed silver tone metal construction. It is a great size to hang on your front door or on the wall. This is a really unusual item that we are importing - hard to find and very distinct. This is a very special medal and we only have a few left in stock - just $34.95 NOW Just $29.95!

Magnetic Holy Card & Removable Token/Medalion


Anthony, Francis, Joseph, Miraculous Medal, Michael, Sacred Heart 4.99 each

updated price, now just 4.85!

Full color Epoxy Medalions - Imported from Italy

St. Joseph Medal Divine Mercy Jesus

St. Jude Medal St. Therese Medal St. Michael Medal

Gold plated 1" high full color epoxy image of St. Joseph, Divine Mercy Jesus, St. Jude,St. Michael, St. Anthony, & St. Therese (more motifs coming soon!)- comes on flip ring to put on your own chain, cord, rosary, keychain, etc. Just $1.59 each

New! Pope John Paul II/Benedict IV medals!

Gold Plate/Epoxy -- 1" High - Made in Italy - Just $1.99

Fatima Earth Medal

Fatima Earth Center with Two Tone Blessed Mother Center. - $5.95

Four Way Medal

Silver Oxidized -- 1 1/4" H 4 Way Medal on Jump Ring - just .59 each - Convenience ordering of large quantities buying is available in lots of 50. Bulk discounts apply if you order over 200 medals, and must be in lots of 50, a 5% discount will apply. 10% if you order over 500 medals.

Pewter 4-Way Medalion

Made in Italy -- Pewter -- 7/8" High - .59 each - for bulk ordering please order in lots of 25

Value Priced 4-Way Medal

Silver -- 1.25" H -- Silvertone - just $.49 each - Convenience ordering of large quantities buying is available in lots of 50. Bulk discounts apply if you order over 200 medals, and must be in lots of 50, a 5% discount will apply. 10% if you order over 500 medals.

Imported from Europe - 1" size oval single charm medalions

Simple oval silver tone engraved metal featuring Sacred Heart of Jesus, Infant of Prague, Guardian Angel, St. Anthony, Immaculate Heart, St. Joseph and St. Therese. (not on chains) - charms are great for adding to bracelets, your own chain or pendant, keychain, rosary, etc. Just $1.95 each

Miraculous Medal

Beautiful oxidized silver Miraculous Medal on 24" stainless steel chain in gift box. Just $3.95

Guadalupe chained medal gift set

Description: -- Silver Oxidized Medal, 7/8" H -- 18" L Chain with Clasp - in nice gift set package. Just $5.95

Lourdes Water St. Bernadette Medalion on chain

(back of medal w/ capsule of water)

Pendants, expressly detailed silver-plated, 3/4" in diameter, have a capsule of Lourdes water on the backside and come with a 20" chain. Commercially packaged in a clear plastic box. Comes with Authenticity sticker showing the water is from the Miraulous Shrine of Loures, France. $15.95

(See all of our Lourdes Water items, including Holy Cards, statues, keychains, mints and more! Click here:)

Newest Medals! We search suppliers all over the world to bring you the greatest selection of medals!

3/4" enamel covered medalions, gold tone - Our Lady of Lourdes or Madonna and Child - Originally 3.00 each - now just $.99!

updated price, now just .85

Our Lady Medal

1 and 1/2" high - silver oxidized. Was $1.50, now just $.79 each!

updated price, now just .65

Gold with Silver tone inlay medalions

1" high gold colored medal with silver oxidized insert. Were $2.99 each - now just $1.29!

updated price, now just $1.15

New Large Miraculous Aluminum

Over 2" high, 1" across. Light Aluminum - $2.99 each - Our Largest Miraculous Medalion Convenience ordering of large quantities buying is available in lots of 12. Bulk discounts apply if you order over 120 medals, and must be in lots of 50, a 5% discount will apply. 10% if you order over 240 medals.

St. Michael Carded Medal of Protection

Description: Prayer to Saint Michael Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our safeguard against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray; and do you, O Prince of the heavenly host, by the power of God cast into hell Satan and all the evil spirits who wander through the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen. -- Silver Oxidized Medal, 3/4" H -- 4 1/4 x 5" H Pamphlet $1.99 each (bulk order in 12 pks)

NEW! Large shield medalions

Beautiful shield shaped gold tone medalions with colorful enamel inlay. Available in Sacred Heart, Miraculous, St. Anthony, St. Christopher, St. Joseph. Were $2.50 - now just $1.79 each!

updated price, now just $1.65

Red and Gold Large Medalions

Large 1and 1/2" inch gold tone medalion on flip ring with red enamel border - Available in Sacred Heart, Joseph or Francis. Were 3.99 - now just $2.29!

updated price, now just $2.14

Large Unusual Miraculous Medalion

2" high, Rectangular design on flip ring, silver tone - Was $2.50 - now just $1.99

updated price, now just $1.85

New Value Priced Gold plated medalions!

1" unique decorative design, Available in Miraculous Medal, Sacred Heart, St. Christopher, St. Joseph, St. Anthony, St. Jude & Guadalupe. Were $1.99, now just .99 each!

Ecce Homo - Silver Face of Christ

1" high, silver tone, express detail. Just .99 each

updated price, now just $.85

One Way to God medals

Popular medalion - gold toned with decorative edge, on gold tone flip ring. About 1" dia. Were Just .99 - Now buy one get one free!

Gold and Blue aluminum medals

1" dia, light aluminum gold tone engraved with blue enamel inlay on gold tone flip ring. just .99 each! Available in Jude, Sacred Heart, Anne and Anthony.

Unusual St. Anne/St. Dominic Medalion

1" high silvertone with decorative edges, features St. Anne and St. Dominic - on flip ring. Were $1.59, now just .89 each!

updated price, now just $.75

Silver tone Commemorative 9-11 Medals

1" silver or bronze tone tone engraved - was $2.99, now just .89 each

Large Color Inlay Medals

1 and 1/2" dia. medal w/ colored enamel insert - available in Miraculous and red Sacred Heart (not pictured)- just $1.99 each

updated price, now just $1.85

Enamel Toned Lourdes Medalion

Pretty two-tone enamel Lourdes medals measure approx. 1" high - feature silver tone decorative edges and stand out images of The Blessed Mother and St. Bernadette. Just $2.50 each

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Silver Oxidized -- 1 1/4" H - Very nicely detailed, comes on flip ring. Just .59 each

Pope John Paul Medalion

Finely detailed silver plate engraved image on gold plated medalion. A beautiful tribute - imported from Italy. Just $3.95

Holy Coins imported from the Holy Land!

These beautiful 'coins' of St. Michael, St. Christopher , St. Jude and St. Benedict and others are about the size of a silver dollar. They are handsomely engraved silver oxidized metal with detailed images of the saints on one side, and prayers to the saint on the opposite side. Great to carry along in your pocket or purse! Very heavy and finely detailed - Special value price - just $1.50

Click here to see all the Saints Collection Coins

New - Sterling Silver Medals

Description: Gift Boxed. Comes with a Rhodium finish metal chain. Silver -- 1 1/2" H x1" W - available in round St. Christopher, Round Miraculous and Crucifix. Retail for $49.95 - now just $24.95 each! Supplies are limited!

St. Christopher -

Miraculous -

Crucifix -

Imported from Italy Prayer Card Tiny Medal Sets

Description: -- Cardstock/Epoxy/Silver Plate -- 2 1/4 x 3 3/8" H, 1/4" H - small full color enamel oval shaped medal . Imported from Italy, expressly detailed. Prayer card pamphlet is full color heavy card stock - motifs (Top to bottom, left to right): St. Michael, Guardian Angel, St. Joseph, Jesus Crucified, Holy Family, Miraculous Medal (Out Lady of Grace), Divine Mercy Jesus, Sacred Heart, St. Anthony, St. Therese, Guadalupe & St. Christopher - Just $1.99 each.

New! Cell Phone Sacramentals

A. B. C. D.

Beautifully hand-crafted and very unique. This 'cell phone sacramental' is meant to be threaded through the loop slot that is at the top of many cell phone versions. It's also a lovely zipper pull, too! Four unique styles available: A: Red Cloissone bead with cross B. St. Benedict crucifix with accent bead C. Tiny blue Miraculous Medal enamel version, with cross and D. Enamel Miraculous medal and Four Way medal. Just $7.95 each.

Sliding Two Hearts Locket Medal

Description: -- Silver Plate/Epoxy -- 3/4" H - -- Silver Plate/Epoxy -- 3/4" H - features images of Jesus and Mary - Just 3.50 each.

Also Available: Heart Shaped Sliding Miraculous Medal w/Stars


-- Silver Plate/Epoxy -- 3/4" H - features images Miraculous Medal - very unique. Just 3.50 each.


Large 2" diameter St. Benedict Medalion

In silver tone or bronze tone - Available in 2" size, or 1" size

2" size Silver Tone - $3.99

2" Bronze Tone - $3.99

1" Silver tone - $1.59

1" bronze tone - $1.59 --

1" medal w/ enamel inlay - $4.95

1 inch St. Ben medal

New! Full color St. Benedict

Description: -- Pewter/Enamel -- 3/4" Diameter - Just 1.25 each

Pewter St. Benedict's medal

Description: Pewter medal expressly detailed, Includes Jump Ring -- Oxidized Silver -- 1" High - just .89!

Old World Style medals on chains

Medals of St. Christopher , Scapular, or 4-way, on an 18" stainless chain. Retail for $4.95 each -- close out Just $2.99 each!

Ornate Oxidized Medals, imported, finely detailed -- .99 each!

From Left to Right:Miraculous Medal (heart shaped), St. Jude, Scapular medal - measure around 3/4" high/circum.

Decorative scalloped edges, oxidized silver tone - just .99

New! St. Peter's Keys double medalions~

Beatuiful and unique double-medal set - measures about 1" long - features the images of St. Peter's Cathedral and the Jubilee insignia - just $1.79 each set of 2. 1 silver tone, 1 gold tone.

updated price, now just $1.65

NEW! Sports Medalions

New Versions on Prayer cards now available -- Plus much lower price!

Girls Cheerleading, Boys Baseball, Boys Hockey, Boys Golf, Girls Basketball, Girls Gymnastics, Girls Softball , Girls Volleyball, Boys Basketball, Boys Skateboarding, Girls figureskating, Girls/Boys soccer, and Footbal - medalion on chain with a prayer card in gift pack. Just $7.95 each.

10K Gold Medals - amazing price!

Beautiful real gold at a fantastic price! (Left) Scapular Medalion with Our Lady of Mt. Carmel on front and Sacred Heart of Jesus on the back. (Right) Our Lady of Guadalupe on front, Sacred Heart of Jesus on back. Comes in deluxe red velvet gift box, medal measures 1/3" in diameter. Delicate and very finely detailed - just lovely! Current Guadalupe versoin is heart shaped. You will not find REAL gold like this at such a great price anywhere but here! Just $10.95 each!

Scapular Medal

Guadalupe Medal

Oval Necklace Collection

A C. D.



Pewter with gold tone and full color epoxy images on a 20" deluxe gold tone chain. Styles: B. Our Lady of Grace (Miraculous), and C. Scapular (2 -sided Sacred Heart w/ Our Lady of Mt. Carmel). D. Divine Mercy or Guardian Angel, E. Lourdes , F. , G. Two Hearts ,H. Pieta/Crucifix, Originally priced at $4.95 - now just 2. 95 each.

updated price, now just $2.81

Also available in Heart Shaped

Just $2.99



updated price, now just $2.81

Holy Trinity Medalion on Chain

Beautiful and very unique: The Holy Trinity Medalion is two tone silver/gold and measures 3.5" long . Features the amazingly detailed image of God the Father (top), God the Holy Spirit (Dove, Center) and Jesus Crucified (God the Son - bottom). Comes on sturdy 24" inch stainless steel chain.

Holy Spirit 3.5 Inch Medalion on Chain - just $4.95

St. Juan Diego Color medal

Description: -- Pewter/Epoxy -- 1 3/4" High - just 1.50

Card w/ encased Medal

New! St. Joe, St. Anthony,St. Jude, & Guadalupe

Beautiful full color holy card with consecration prayers and encased matching medal. Perfect to carry in pocket or wallet. Just $1.25 each.

Sacred Heart

St. Benedict

Divine Mercy

St. Joseph

St. Anthony

St. Jude


Service Medals

Beautiful medallions for those in the Armed Forces which feature St. Michael the Archangel! Currently our supplier only has the Air Force and Navy medals in stock. BONUS! Order now and get a FREE CORD for the medallion. Just $3.95 Currently this medal only available in Air Force and Navy, see below to order Marines , Army, National Guard, Etc.)

NEW! Army and Marines now available in Prayer card medal set!


Army and Marine medals on pewter chains with prayer cards - $6.95



Air Force


Coast Guard

National Guard


Special Tiny Gold Tone Scalloped medalion

Gold tone (base medal) Miraculous Medal on ring to put on your favorite rosary, necklace, etc. Measure about 1/2 in. high with decorative scalloped design on the edges. Special low price -- just .49 each!

Pet Medals

Engraved Pewter medals for your dog or cat! Beautiful St. Francis Image - have your priest bless the medal and your pet wear it for safety and protection from St. Francis! $2.95 each. (available in Dog or Cat)

Gold Pet Medal for dog and cat

"God bless my Pet" - medalion is on a keyring, you can take the medal off and place it on your pet's collar or keep the medalion on your keychain. Just $2.95 -- NOW ON CLEARANCE~ Just 1.99 each!

Precious carded baby Miraculous Medals

Cute carded baby Miraculous medal pins with poem suitable for boy or girl $5.95

Available in Pink

and Blue

Card/Medal Sets

Holy card with medal SETS! Lovely full color holy card with matching medal in plastic holder - medal may be silver or gold toned.

St. Michael the Archangel, St. Christopher, St. Ann, St. Francis, St. Therese the Little Flower, St. Anthony,St. Jude, Sacred Heart of Jesus, Guardian Angel, The Holy Family, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Immaculate Heart --Just $1.49

updated price, now just $1.35

Baby pin Miraculous Medal and Cross

After having this item blessed, keep this lovely medal and crucifix pinned to your baby always! Value priced - $1.95

14K gold layered photo charms

These charms are hand-made, ready for engraving (approximate size shown). Full color image is layered in 14 K gold. Perfect to hang from your favorite chain. Available in Our Lady of Guadalupe, Sacred Heart, Our Lady of Grace, Guardian Angel, St. Therese, St. Jude, St. Michael, Divine Mercy Jesus , and Holy Trinity- Just $8.95!

Laser Cut Pewter Medals with Chains - $8.95

Miraculous Medal


Laser cut pewter detail, stainless steel chain, bagged. - $8.95

St. Jude

Laser cut pewter detail, stainless steel chain, in red velvet gift box. (current version is round) - $8.95

St. Michael on Shield shape medal
St. Michael
Laser cut pewter detail, stainless steel chain, bagged. - $8.95

Also Available - Laser Cut Pewter Four Way

Laser cut pewter detail, stainless steel chain, comes in red velvet gift box, $8.95

St. Christopher Medal

Laser cut pewter detail, stainless steel chain, BONUS! Free red velvet gift box- $8.95

Scapular Round in Box

Laser cut pewter detail, (current version is round) stainless steel chain, boxed. - $8.95

GIFT BOX or bag

Perfect for any small item-- pretty gift box or bag w/ tag-

Just .99 each

Gift Wrap Option! All items on this page weighing in at less than 12 oz - lovely foil gift box or wrap option to send direclty to your loved one. Just $3.95

(Small items)

If you're ordering larger items, choose our medium-sized foil box or gift wrap option (up to 1 lb) - just $5.95

(medium items)

For large or multiple items (over one pound) - gift wrap option is $7.95

Large/heavy orders


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