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Natural Family Planning at its best!
FINALLY! A Natural Method of Family Planning that is effective, simple and approved by the Catholic Church! What are Ladycomp and Babycomp? Ladycomp/Babycomp is the first truly comprehensive professional medical system in the world for conception and contraception. It comprises all the services offered by a natural family planning professional, including:
  • investigation (taking your temperature and asking about menstruation dates)
  • collection and evaluation of data (the drawing up and analysis of a temperature graph and menstruation data) and
  • reliable diagnosis and/or prognosis (fertility level on individual days, establishment of a pregnancy).
  • The process of taking the temperature is intelligently controlled by the system to avoid possible errors (e.g. the incorrect positioning of the thermometer, too short reading time, etc.). As a result optimum reliability can be guaranteed.
  • All these applications are accomplished by a computer which is 3 cm high, 14 cm in diameter and weighs just 200g, and all you need to do is to press one button once a day for trouble-free daily use, meaning that the device can be operated by any lay-person without previous experience.
  • This enables Ladycomp/Babycomp to predict the fertile and infertile days in a woman's monthly cycle in a simple, rapid and reliable manner (requiring less than one minute per day), and without interfering in any way with the natural course of her body functions. Ladycomp/Babycomp allows women to employ universal, natural family planning without any harmful physical interventions. It also dispenses with the need for bothersome intrusions in a couple's sex life, which are contrary to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.
  • Universal because it can be used for both. Avoiding a Pregnancy , i.e., the intentional prevention of pregnancy and Conception, i.e., it offers assistance when conception proves difficult, as well as in family planning. The method is fundamentally based on the following proven medical findings:
  • Women only ovulate once in each menstrual cycle. If, in rare cases, ovulation occurs twice or more times, this happens within the same 24 hours.
  • After ovulation, the egg cell only retains its capacity to be fertilised for a period of maximum eighteen hours.
  • After sexual intercourse has taken place the sperm only retains its ability to move and fertilise in the woman's body for 96 hours.
  • The theory that sexual intercourse (SI) can stimulate ovulation has been proved to be false. There is no logical reason for a woman to burden her health, or her sex life, with contraceptive measures for approx. 28 days, when in actual fact it is only possible for her to become pregnant on 5 days out of these 28.
The diflerence between Ladycomp and Babycomp Ladycomp is recommended for all women looking for a safe and reliable natural method of avoiding a pregnancy. With the exception of the "special programming section to plan for a baby", both devices are identical. If desired, this "programming section to plan for a baby" can be built in at a later point in time, meaning that a Ladycomp can be converted into a Babycomp. Babycomp is equipped for universal family planning. Universal because it can be used for both avoiding a pregnancy, i.e., the intentional prevention of pregnancy, and conception, i.e., it offers assistance when conception proves difficult, as well as in family planning. Comparing Ladycomp and Babycomp.
Does this mean that I still need to spend several minutes every morning taking my temperature? No. Ladycomp/Babycomp uses a specially developed, patented, extraordinarily fast yet very exact electronic temperature reading sensor. This sensor reads the temperature within approx. 30 secs. and is accurate to one hundredth of a degree. A discreet acoustic signal tells you when the reading has been completed.
That is all that you need to do for natural family planning with Ladycomp/Babycomp. It takes less than a minute when you are still half asleep before really waking up. You do not need to record your daily temp readings on a chart - the machine does that for you. Saves time and gives you all cycle information at your fingertips. The answer is as simple as Red Light or Green Light!
A mini palm size economy version of Lady-Comp. Uses same software and operational techniques with a simplified LCD data display. Also 99.3% effective. Operates with internal lithium power cell. No plug or batteries required! Travels easily and fits in any purse. Lasts about 3 years.
For Those Looking to Achieve a Pregnancy - The BabyComp
The ultimate NFP tool. An upgraded version of Lady-Comp, reliable for avoiding a pregnancy and for conceiving. Assists with infertility. Built-in pregnancy test. Displays ovulation prognosis 6 days ahead, optimum fertilty date, cycle statistics as well as gender information. Data records can be printed.

Q. Is it possible to use Ladycompi Babycomp without being woken up every morning by, for example, taking your temperature when you wake up naturally?

A. Yes, as long as the time of the temperature reading does not vary by more than four hours. Ladycomp/Babycomp calculates the temperature reading time automatically on a daily basis. Using the previous reading times that have been saved, it then shows the time span for the next temperature reading. A tiny thermometer is illuminated during the time span for the next temperature reading. If you wake up and see that the sensor symbol is illuminated, all you need to do is press the button and take your temperature. If you want to be absolutely certain that you will not sleep through the entire time span, you can set the alarm for the end of the temperature reading time.

Q. If the temperature reading needs to be so accurate, is there not a risk that I will make a mistake when taking my temperature especially when I am still half asleep in the morning? For example the thermometer may slip or be incorrectly positioned in the mouth.

A. The entire temperature reading process is "intelligently" controlled by Ladycomp/Babycomp. This means that Ladycomp/Babycomp questions the electronic thermometer several hundred times a second and expects a clearly defined rise in temperature. If the rise in temperature proceeds in a different way than is expected, e.g. because the thermometer has slipped out of position during the reading, this is immediately noticed by Ladycomp/ Babycomp.f the temperature was not correctly positioned right at the beginning of the reading (e.g. on top of the tongue instead of underneath), this will also be noticed as it will be lower than the other readings stored in the memory. The same applies when the temperature reading is interrupted too soon (before the device indicates the actual body temperature and the acoustic signal confirms the end of the reading).

Q. Is it all right if I don't take the daily temperature reading once in a while - e.g. if I am sleeping away from home or because I want to wake up really late?

A. Yes. As we have already mentioned, Ladycomp/Babycomp can determine your level of fertility because it has worked out the course of your cycle by statistical calculations using the data which has already been entered. In the same way it is also feasible for Ladycomp/Babycomp to fill in missing readings. This is naturally only possible if there are readings in the memory. Therefore at the beginning you should take your temperature as regularly as possible. The more data that is stored, the better Ladycomp/Babycomp will be able to predict your fertility level.If there is not (or not yet) sufficient data in the memory to predict the infertile days with adequate security, Ladycomp/Babycomp will always play it safe: in case of doubt it will show "yellow" = learning area. It is therefore important not to omit a temperature reading unless there is a good reason.

Q. What happens if I have a slight cold or have had a late night and drunk alcohol? This can result in a rise in temperature. Will this not also result in a false reading and therefore incorrect fertility display?

A. No. As we have already explained, Ladycomp/Babycomp calculates the future course of the cycle (and the corresponding fertility level) from the temperature readings that have already been entered. These calculations are made for each individual woman and comprise the typical highs and lows of the temperature curve before and after ovulation, as well as the typical normal fluctuations in body temperature.

Q. How reliable is Ladycomp/Babycomp in comparison with other methods of avoiding a pregnancy?

A. The reliability of a method of contraception is expressed in the medical profession by the Pearl Index. The Pearl Index indicates how many unwanted pregnancies occur in 100 user years. A contraceptive pill with a Pearl Index of 1 means that if 100 women use this pill for contraception for one year, one woman will nevertheless get pregnant during this time. The Pearl Index of a specific method of contraception is determined by means of large-scale surveys. The scope of such surveys requires the observation of approx. 20,000 cycles.The development of Ladycomp/Babycomp was able to benefit from the fact that thousands of women had already been using the temperature method for years and had therefore been compiling their charts and data. It was possible to save this information on magnetic disks together with data concerning exceptionally difficult cycles from text books and the archives of research institutes. If Ladycomp/Babycomp shows "green", the likelihood of a pregnancy is less than when taking the pill (Pearl Index = 0.6).

Q. What happens when I start using LadycompiBabycomp? Does Ladycomp/Babycomp need a sort of "running-in time", during which I should continue to take the pill?

A. No, absolutely not. When you take the pill, you do not have a normal cycle since everything is "turned off" by the medication. The bleeding that you have every 28 days when taking the pill is caused by the withdrawal of the medication. It is triggered off by your discontinuing to take the synthetic pill hormones for seven days. This seven-day interval was introduced for psychological reasons to create the impression that you are having a normal cycle. The bleeding caused by the withdrawal of the medication is in no way related to normal menstruation. In the same way, no ovulation, and therefore no rise in temperature, takes place when you take the pill. If you continue to take the pill, Ladycomp/ Babycomp is not able to take readings of the natural temperature fluctuations in your cycle. It is therefore superfluous for you to continue to take the pill when you begin using Ladycomp/ Babycomp as the device does not require a "running-in time". At the beginning, Ladycomp/Babycomp works using data history which has been programmed into the device and is applicable for all men and women (therefore also for you) and which therefore enables the device to make reliable forecasts. This data history is increasingly individualised during use. The individualised data makes it possible to narrow down the fertile days from one cycle to another with more and more accuracy. The "infertile" display is however just as reliable on the first day of use as it is after two to three months. The difference is that at the beginning it appears less frequently.

Q. I am using the temperature method at the present time and have kept a record of temperature graphs. Is this also possible with Ladycomp/Babycomp?

A. Yes. You can recall previous temperature readings onto the display for up to 120 days. If for any reason you should want to have the readings in black on white, in the form of a hardcopy, we can let you have a printout at any time (for example after six months) to enter into your old graphs. Although this is quite possible, it is not essential as Ladycomp/Babycomp functions perfectly well without this information.

Q. How safe is Ladycomp/Babycomp technologically?

A. To ensure the technological reliability of Ladycomp/Babycomp, tests are carried out on every single device after manufacture instead of on a spot-check basis. A specially developed test-computer checks that all the components function efficiently so that we can be confident~that only entirely reliable devices leave our production.

Q. Can you also use Ladycomp/Babycomp vacationing or when camping?

A. Yes, of course. Ladycomp and Babycomp are delivered complete with a battery-box.

Q. How does Ladycomp/Babycomp operate when the electricity supply is unreliable? In some holiday countries there are frequent fluctuations in the mains voltage and occasional power cuts.

A. The device is safeguarded against power cuts and fluctuations in voltage. In addition you can always operate your device with batteries.

Q. What about when I have to work night-duty or other shifts, or when I go on long journeys involving changes in time zones?

A. Journeys within North America and South and Cetral America do not involve any changes as far as using Ladycomp/Babycomp is concerned. You set the device in line with the local time of the country that you are visiting and take your temperature in the usual way. The time difference of these countries still falls within the temperature reading time span of approx. 6 hours. In the event of extended journeys to countries with considerable changes in time-zones, such as Europe, the Far East, Australia, Africa, you set your device according to the local time. The following day Ladycomp/Babycomp will be ready to read your temperature and you proceed in the normal way. The same applies if you change the time that you get up because of shift work or some other reason.Ladycomp/Babycomp can still reliably predict whether you are fertile or infertile on days when you do not take your temperature by using the data that has already been memorised to make its calculations.

Q. Who developed Ladycomp/Babycomp?

A. Ladycomp/Babycomp was developed by a team made up of: Gynaecologists, software specialists, experts in electronics and designers. Experience with the device in practical use and its proven success in vivo have also made a considerable contribution. The project was supported by the Innovation Fund of the Berlin Senate and the Federal Ministry for Research and Technology. The electronic brain, containing knowledge about fertility, and other components are manufactured by leading suppliers from all over the globe.

THE BEST-KNOWN METHODS OF Avoiding a Pregnancy:

Ladycomp Pearl Index 0,6 Pro: Natural, well-tolerated, easy. No further costs after initial purchase. Very reliable. If desired, can later be equipped with the Babycomp special planning program. Contra: There are a few days a month when abstinence is necessary.

VS. other methods of Natural Family Planning approved by the Catholic Church:

Traditional Temperature Method Pearl Index 2-4 Pro: No side-effects, natural. Contra: Involves adhering to many rules. Larger margin of error when various methods are used. Prospective interpretation very difficult. Time-consuming written charting involved.

Mucus method This method is time-consuming and requires training. The mucus method is not very reliable or very adaptable as there are 4 different types of mucus and in the case of many women the mucus only appears when it is too late for contraception, i.e., after ovulation, and continues for an unnecessarily long time. Also, the dependability depends on how reliable a woman's daily observations of mucus are - in order for the mucus method to be totally reliable, a woman must check for mucus EVERY TIME she goes to the restroom in a day (and even at night). This is difficult, time consuming and demanding.

Compared to methods of Contraception

Contraceptive pill Pearl Index 0,1 - 0,9 Pro: Very reliable. Hormonal influence. Over 60 dangerous health rish side-effects, some fatal. Higher health risk for smokers. Abortifcacient - Not approved by the Catholic Church

Mini-Pill Pearl Index 0,4-2,5 Pro: Does not prevent ovulation. Quite reliable. Contra: Requires discipline. Even differences of three hours in the time of taking the pill reduce reliability. Hormonal influence.Over 60 dangerous health rish side-effects, some fatal. Higher health risk for smokers. Abortifcacient - Not approved by the Catholic Church.

IUD Pearl Index 1-3 Pro: Can be used for one to three years depending on the model chosen. Quite reliable Contra: Risk of infection and pregnancy in the tube. Painful insertion, regular gynaecological examinations necessary. Not suitable for women who want to become pregnant later. Abortifcacient - Not approved by the Catholic Church.

Condom Pearl Index 2-5 Pro: No side-effects. Offers protection from AIDS. Can be used to complement Ladycomp/Babycomp during fertile days. Contra: Can be seen as an interruption to sex play and an intrusion. Not approved by the Catholic Church.

Diaphram Pearl Index 2-5 Pro: No side-effects. Possible complement for Ladycomp/Babycomp. Contra: Must be fitted to the individual woman by a doctor. Insertion technique must be learned, not very adaptable. Not approved by the Catholic Church.

Three-monthly Injections Pearl Index below 1 Pro: Very reliable. Contra: High hormone level causes massive interference in the cycle. Often results in irregular menstruation. Not suitable for women who want to have children later. Abortifcacient - Not approved by the Catholic Church.

Planning" coincides with the teachings of the Catholic Church. JMJ Products: does not endorse the manufacturers recommendation in the manual to use other forms of artificial contraception or barrier methods in conjunction with LadyComp. In place of such recommendations we suggest that abstinence or self control be used during times of fertility, such as when a RED or YELLOW light is displayed. The accuracy of Ladycomp / Babycomp to prevent pregnancy will NOT be affected by this change, as long as intercourse is restricted to days associated with a GREEN light. is a distributor of these products, all orders will be processed and shipped by Natural Methods Inc on behalf of Any questions about order status should be directed to Natural Methods Inc directly through the following link: or you may call 1-866-USE-LADY. These products may be purchased with multiple payments options which can be accesed by following the link below.
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