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Beautiful Screen savers! NOW ALL TOTALLY FREE!

We are now offering all of our beautiful screensavers FREE to our customers! Feel free to download some or all of these beautiful screensavers! Four great versions to choose from! Don't pay for screensavers - get them here FREE!

TO INSTALL: If you use Internet Explorer, click on the screensaver link you want below, when asked if you'd like to open the file or save it to your computer, click "open" - it will then download and automatically install itself as your new screensaver.

For Netscape browsers: it will automatically ask where you want to save the file, put it in a place where you can find it. After it has been saved, go to that file and open it - it will then install the screensaver for you.

Each features Full-Color Images Artistically Designed with Special-Effects.... PC Windows / Mac Compatible Continuously Cycling


Version 1 Jesus Images

Version 2 Mary Images

Version 3 Angel Images

Version 4 Mixed Images of Jesus, Mary and Angels

Please invite your friends to download their free Catholic images screensavers here! Thank you!




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