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Small, Inexpensive Statues

New! Tiny Statues

Beautiful full color plastic statues - durable and finely detailed. Measure about 2" high - great set for little ones to take to Church instead of traditional toys. These are also suitable for small family altar or prayer niche, etc. Choices may include: Sacred Heart, Immaulate Mary, St. Jude, Infant of Prague, St. Joseph, and St. Anthony, just $1.79 each

New - Joseph and Jude Tan statues

3" high - gold detailing - nice statue for the price, just $1.49 each

St. Joseph - sold out, permanently discontinued

St. Jude

Also Available - Pieta

white pieta luminous pieta

4" finely detailed Pieta statue in White (left) and Glow-in-the-Dark (right) just 2.95 each




Madonna of the Streets


Pretty large statues are 6" high, very finely detailed. Great for any family alter - available in tan and glow-in-the-dark. Just 4.95 each



Plastic statues

plastic statues

6 Inch color plastic statues - full color boxed plastic statues - great for kids rooms, etc. Just 5.95 (Update - IOP sold out)

Small Stained Glass Statues

stained glass

Beautiful free standing statues - 2" high - with stained glass background and full metal construction. Retail for $3.99 each. Our special close out price - just $1.89 each. UPDATE: Joseph motif sold out

3" Boxed St. Benedict


Beautiful silver tone pewter with gold tone base. Wonderful detail in an attractive gift box. Retails for $7.95 -our low close out price, just $5.95

Lovely 4" molded plastic statues for your home or family altar - PRICE JUST CUT!

Divine Mercy Anthony statues

Michael Joseph Holy Family

Available in : Divine Mercy, St. Francis, Infant of Prague, Sacred Heart, St. Therese, St. Jude, St. Michael, St. Joseph, St. Christopher, Immaculate Heart , Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, St. Martin, St. Anthony, and Holy Family. WERE $4.99- ONLINE SPECIAL! Now just 2.99 each!

Glow in the Dark Statuette with Lourdes Water

On the backside is a sticker that reads: "Eau de La Grotte de Lourdes, Garantie d'Origine." The Statuette is 2.25 inches tall and has a 1 inch diameter - Our Lady of Lourdes luminous Statuette with Lourdes water (water cannot be removed). Just $4.50


Most Popular selling item! St. Joseph House Selling Kits

Joe kits

The age-old Catholic practice of burying a statue of St. Joseph in order to sell a house is making a comeback! Get everything you need in this simple kit to learn about this practice. Kit comes with instructions, statue and novena prayer card to St. Joseph. Terrific price! Buy one for every friend and family member who is trying to sell a home! We sell these by the case to Catholic realtors because they really do work when done in Faith and prayer! Just $5.95!

**Additional shipping charges may apply if your order has heavy items like statues, candles, etc or if it is a very large order.


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